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Day Trading

Everything related to Day Trading.


  1. Day Trading Brokers

    Discussion and questions about brokers.

  2. Day Trading Hardware, Software and Tools

    We discuss trading platforms, trading Stations, day trading software and tools here. Q&A about hotkeys, settings etc. Showcase trading setups (desk, monitors, screen layout, peripherals, etc.).

  3. Risk, Account & Money Management

    Discuss about risk, account & money management

  4. Day Trading Strategies

    Discuss your latest development in day trading strategies. Q&A about indicators Day Trading Strategies, Stocks in play.

  5. Day Trading Basics

    Discuss about day trading basics: price action, orders, candlesticks, indicators.

  6. DAS Trader Pro Tips and Tricks

    Help newcomers familiarize themselves with DAS Trader Pro, ask basic questions and get answers.

  7. Day Trading Journals

    A place for people who want to share journals of their trades. One thread per member, with daily post updates.

  8. Day Trading Education, Books, Peer-to-Peer Support

    Discuss trading books, Bear Bull Traders courses, books and further study. Ask for advice, share experience, etc. to reinforce knowledge.

  9. Day Trading Examples and Review

    Share your interesting trades and your thought process.

  10. Trading Psychology

    Best practices for trading psychology


    • Hi,

      Here's another hotkey command for STOP Market at avgcost or at breakeven whether you are Long or Short.


    • Yes, some of the IB users had experienced this. So it's a habit of mine now to open TWS platform to check the margin rate of a stock.
    • From the perspective of being one’s own trading coach, assuming a trader does not have to work through any major issues, which would be your top 5 lessons to use in a continuous improvement loop for improved performance?
    • Thanks for sharing the link, Ryan! I ran into a similar scenario attempting to short MLNT today. DAS Pro showed the equity as "Marginable by default". The margin order I placed was rejected due to IB showing the stock as non-marginable. (E.g. I didn't meet the initial margin requirement of 100% trade value in my IB acct.) Wondering if anyone has run into this issue before and is there a way, within DAS, to get a more accurate view of IB's margin requirements on any given stock? The website you shared, Ryan, is helpful, but not a quick-to-execute option.
    • 18.Jun.19 - DASTrader - BT Green Day. I had $MU, $FB, $TSLA, $MSFT and LF/LP $MLNT & CHWY on the watchlist. Trade1: $MU. MU was strong on the daily coming from double bottom, I thought. At the open price dumped, I took 5min ORB under PCL. I was not comfortable to take an entry so far below the VWAP and MAs. I got out. Price dropped to 2R and bounced back. Entry - $34.16, Stop - 13c ($34.29-PCL), Exit - $34.2. Price reached 2R before bouncing back.    Trade2: $MLNT. Main trade. $MLNT is a Lowfloat stock (<20Mn flt), it had +ve results and so gapped up premarket. At the open price fell down. Slowly came up above the MAs with volume, and I took long once the price opened above MAs/VWAP. Huge candle and I partialed completely. Stock was halted after that. Fallen Angel setup. Worked for me everytime. Good: On $MU, I thought the Entry was extended, so got out immediately, which is fine. Nice Entry on $MLNT for the fallen angel setup. No more trades. Learnt that one such good trade is enough to meet weekly target, so cut your losses.  Improvement: $MU, take a moment to think before entering, sometimes even exiting imm may cause big loss due to slippage/spread. 

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