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Day Trading

Everything related to Day Trading.


  1. Day Trading Brokers

    Discussion and questions about brokers.

  2. Day Trading Hardware, Software and Tools

    We discuss trading platforms, trading Stations, day trading software and tools here. Q&A about hotkeys, settings etc. Showcase trading setups (desk, monitors, screen layout, peripherals, etc.).

  3. Risk, Account & Money Management

    Discuss about risk, account & money management

  4. Day Trading Strategies

    Discuss your latest development in day trading strategies. Q&A about indicators Day Trading Strategies, Stocks in play.

  5. Day Trading Basics

    Discuss about day trading basics: price action, orders, candlesticks, indicators.

  6. DAS Trader Pro Tips and Tricks

    Help newcomers familiarize themselves with DAS Trader Pro, ask basic questions and get answers.

  7. Day Trading Journals

    A place for people who want to share journals of their trades. One thread per member, with daily post updates.

  8. Day Trading Education, Books, Peer-to-Peer Support

    Discuss trading books, Bear Bull Traders courses, books and further study. Ask for advice, share experience, etc. to reinforce knowledge.

  9. Day Trading Examples and Review

    Share your interesting trades and your thought process.

  10. Trading Psychology

    Best practices for trading psychology


    • 16/8/19 feeling okay again had a bit to drink last night with an old friend so spent the morning in bed but still a bit ropey.. really bad day, kept breaking all my rules and hit double my max loss. not how i like to end the week 😞    Trade 1:         
    • Hey BBT!

      My name is Sukh I'm from Cheshire in the UK

      I have owned my own businesses for the past 15 years, I now have time for a new challenge/project. I'm not keen to not add another business, more customers, more staff etc 

      Trading seems like the right opportunity

      I have been thinking about it for a while, stumbled upon Andrew on Twitter I believe and then bought and read his entire book in a weekend

      I've been hesitant to dive in but decided to take the plunge and enrol yesterday, I've never done any trading of any kind real or on a simulator so I'm apprehensive but also very excited to be here and to get started

    • Hi, I watched Japanese markets for a while and sometimes you can find the patterns we trade here in most active stocks. The problem is that it is much harder to find the correct stocks without speaking Japanese. In addition the number of good setups per day seems to be lower, the min share size is 100 and trading after lunch break may be too volatile and spontaneous. Oh and margin requirements are too high in terms of account size and trade volume.  You can see a number of successful traders online sharing their results but it is hard to tell what strategies they are using. I would say it is possible to make money in Japanese market but it will take a lot of practice, reading and communicating with local traders which is difficult on itself not mentioning the language barrier. 
    • Vikram, I’m now caught up with your entire journal; it took me weeks!  Your trading style is so different from mine and as a result, I’m learning so much! Thanks for posting!!
    • October 19th works for me. Thanks for getting this together.

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