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  1. Not many people are active in the forum so you might get a better response in the chatroom. I've seen @leilajake mention she's on it now but not sure who else
  2. Old content got removed from the education centre, they put them to trading terminal a few days later after a lot of people (including me on behalf of newer traders, it would've slowed my journey a lot in it's current state) complained about the removal of content but I looked again recently when someone else asked and couldn't find them there now either. Maybe @Abiel can give you the official answer about there complete removal from everywhere or whether they're stored somewhere else.
  3. Hey, I'm also from the UK (Scotland) and living in Australia (Melbourne). In terms of advice at that stage it's already covered in a lot of material such as Andrew's book, stay in SIM, test out different strategies, risk management etc I think a lot of the other stuff comes when you get through that initial few months of just learning the beginner stuff and you begin to develop questions of what you're getting right/wrong and things to pay attention to, until you've taken that initial step it would just be information overload and you have nothing really to relate it to. One other book I'd recommend for your early days is Anna Coulling "A complete guide to Volume Price Analysis" Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  4. well the surfaces are notebooks which are essentially slimmed down laptops in the way they operate rather than a tablet like the ipad. We used to use surfaces at work years ago but had to upgrade to laptops due to lack of power (they're more for people who are constantly on the move so need something really small and light and only do basic stuff on it like surfing internet or doing basic documents), you would need to check whether spec would be ok for DAS as I don't think it's a crazy heavy program (DAS should have a minimum spec for their software if you google it). I personally went with a gaming laptop with that kind of money or Andrew recommends/travels with a Dell (https://bearbulltraders.com/technology/) as alternatives if you need something with a bit more power.
  5. For that specific question, the short answer is yes. However, there are different types of stop orders though so if you use a stop limit for example then you can be jumped and if you're not there you can end up with a hefty loss but a stop market order is giving them permission to fill wherever so you can get a bad fill on that as well, getting jumped on a limit would typically happen on more illiquid stocks but it can happen on anything particularly if they're filling a huge order due to the priority of how orders are filled or if you've set the limit amount too tight e.g. 1c. Also stops don't work in pre/post market so if you were trading around that time or your power didn't come back on in time to exit before the market close then you could be subject to overnight gaps. In other words it's just better to have an alternative option to close positions should it happen such as being able to close on your phone or actually phone your broker.
  6. Yes I use leverage but my rules are around trade size rather than using a certain amount of leverage. For example (not my real numbers), if I want my stop size on TSLA to be 50c and I want to risk $100 on my trade then I want 200 shares, regardless of whether that means I'm using no leverage or all my leverage that's the trade I want to take. Of course with margin you can get yourself in serious issues if you don't trade properly and abide by your stops but that's for each individual to assess their own risk of not doing that (and if you can't then trading is probably not the right career).
  7. Not all cheap stocks and it depends how you play them (are they in play). Just saying it's not as easy as playing any stock in that range the way that you see the mods play TSLA, AMD etc every day even when they're not necessarily in play (they're often moving with the market), stocks in the $20-$50 range you just need them to have a catalyst to generate the liquidity on a lot them, if you're a catalyst find the trend type trader then you can follow those stocks around with catalysts and you'll likely be fine (there's just not as many around as there was in the past few years). Through Covid for example those types of stocks were played a lot because the travel sector was often in play every time there was a drop off or spike in numbers or some new variants was found or some vaccine news or whatever, however at the moment the catalysts tend to be more around economic data so the market as a whole moves and so we're more playing those big market names at the moment because that's where the liquidity is.
  8. I am one of the traders Angela mentioned who tends to trade AMD, AAPL, TSLA etc every day. For me they are more predictable because of the higher liquidity and the types of institutions required to move them run on algos and those algos have certain behavior that you see over and over again. I will trade stocks "in play" as well because you can get big directional moves based on news, this is also fairly predictable as they are trading large RVOL because longer term participants are involved, in this scenario I can see within the T&S/L2 when things are beginning to change. The exception is the float of the stock rather than the price for most traders as once you get to a certain size in your trading smaller floats can be difficult to trade, there are some stocks which is too easy to turn the price. You basically need to be able to get in and out easily without slipping too much on the spread and you need sufficient liquidity that anybody can't just dump it 50c with a $50k account (there are a number of $20-$50 stocks where you can do that on a daily basis if it doesn't have huge RVOL on news). Companies like the big US airlines (AAL, DAL) for example have a big float so that doesn't tend to happen even though they're a cheaper stock price. That said I can still find a $3+ move way easier on TSLA than I can $0.5+ move on a $50 stock (unless it's got a great catalyst), for instance on Friday TSLA was an obvious false breakdown just before 10:30, not saying you would catch the whole thing but if you did it was a $9+ move, this is the ATR at work, a $1 move in that type of price stock and a $50 price stock are very different. To quote you, the things you may be missing are therefore, ok you can make $50-$100 or whatever on the stock but what is your end goal and is it still feasible on the stocks you're trading, if I use Andrew as an example, he just can't trade a lot of stocks with his size, he would get too much slippage on his stops because there isn't enough liquidity for him. Also you say risk management will stop the greater risk of loss but is the liquidity there on your stock to be able to get out with the risk you want? it may be fine when you're trading 100 shares but if you want to get to 1k shares or 5k shares then it's not the same thing. Not everyone wants to get there or maybe it's not an issue on the stocks you're actually trading but that combined with the predictability for me are the reason I choose higher priced stocks. If you listen to the morning show with Carlos, he says "no volume" to half the stocks he gets suggested and this is basically what he means, he doesn't think it'll move predictably/that a relatively small amount of money can move the stock. He'll also says look at that spread (or something along those lines), basically he's saying you'll be down big when you get in because you've jumped across the spread and then your risk management may not work very well in being able to get out because there's just not enough liquidity on the order book, this is the reasons a lot of us trade big stocks most days (particularly at the moment where most news is market wide news rather than company specific news)
  9. You don’t need to subscribe to anything in IBKR to trade with DAS, it just APIs your order through them if that’s your broker
  10. I've never traded while under 25k so I don't have any direct experience, I didn't answer you the last time you posted hoping someone with direct experience would help. However, the one that is mentioned by BBT is CMEG (it's still on the website but I haven't heard it mentioned in a long time). From what has been said on here I'm told they have higher commissions than IB (who most here use), I think they tend to have less short inventory which shouldn't be an issue with your strategy and they are obviously foreign HQ so may not have the same level of protections. Again none of that is from 1st hand experience, just 2nd hand info that I've heard over the years.
  11. It's still in that link at the bottom (before all the links to other places on the site)
  12. Not sure whether you're using Aiman's parabolic reversal as Angela is discussing or whether you have you're own entirely separate one like I do. However, to me the trade isn't a reversal because it hasn't really properly trended. If you look at your 5 minutes it's really more of a range (admittedly not a very clean one) and so the volume is the breaking of the range because a lot of the people who were long in there will stop out there because it's taking out the bottom and breakout traders may enter. This can either be a trap so the big players or market makers grab their liquidity at lower prices before we re-enter the range and potentially go long or we can retest the range and then it'll continue short. If you want to know more about this type of price action then look up Wyckoff.
  13. Hi, Are you after something in general or do you mean what to track in relation to your strategies? In general I only track win/loss ($ per trade, per timeframe (day, week, month, year) & % win/loss for the higher timeframes) and R (Total & per trade). For me really R and win/loss % is the two things you need to control to improve trading but that of course means improving strategies or psychology etc which is where most of the data comes in. Strategy is partly specific on what strategy you're using and what is important to it, for example some plays may heavily rely on T&S/L2 and some may rely more on levels. What you track is therefore not uniform and so would need delve into more strategy specific. Psychology is not something I track but a lot do and depends whether you have psychology issues you need to deal with. For me it was only really overtrading so tagging whether I followed my rules or not was sufficient to getting me out of that (seeing stats on rule followed trades vs not). Other than that I'm in tune with whether I don't feel right and so I simply don't trade if I'm sick or whatever.
  14. Andrew did a video on it on the Bear Bull Traders youtube a couple of years ago, just scroll back a couple of years and search for commission
  15. Hello Martin. I also have started using bookmap and was thinking of leaving DAS and using TWS to chart and execute trades. I like the simplicity of orders on the chart in TWS.  I trade CAM ranges so don't usually scalp in and our in seconds. Who do you use for your data? Bookmap or IB? 

    1. Martin D

      Martin D

      I use bookmap for data/decisions (DX Feed for stocks), TWS is only for executing.

      One of the common complaints about TWS is the charting but I don't use any indicators that aren't in bookmap (which is very few) so you need to decide for yourself how you deal with that. TWS hotkeys are also horrendous so I try avoid using them which is why I say not suitable for scalping (or basically if you don't have time to fill out orders manually, after they're filled out you can drag to adjust), I've had to adjust the way I trade to cater for this (basically prepare in advance). I am going to look into a better way to execute at some point but imo $165 is excessive, essentially it's because you have to pay data again when I don't even use it and DAS also gave me execution problems anyway (I'm currently in Australia so the delay is not great on DAS here).

    2. markconrad


      Hi Martin. Thanks for the feedback. I am getting more and more comfortable with TWS. Its actually pretty good. The recent enhanced charts are nicer but a bit glitchy. I have the DXFeed with Bookmap and am going to let DAS expire this month. Wihtout DAS, does your TWS pick up data from bookmap or do you have data for both TWS and Bookmap?

    3. Martin D

      Martin D

      No TWS doesn't pick up data from bookmap. I don't use data for TWS, I have very limited data there free (not sure exactly what it is) but it is very limited in terms of volume etc if you don't have data it also has some impact on certain features you can use like certain hotkeys. I don't think it's really expensive if you did want it but I just don't really care because I don't use any features on it.

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