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  1. If I open a position in DAS trader, place a stop, and then a power outage happens, is my stop still protecting me?
  2. @Martin D Makes sense. Been doing more research and found out that the 4:1 leverage I can get could make it easier to trade the bigger stocks with a small account. Do you use leverage and do you have rules about how much leverage you use, do you set limits on how much leverage you use or do you use all they give you.
  3. @Angela Kuzeva @Martin D Thank you! Lots to think about. Looks like trading cheap stocks only works with a small account. I will take a look at that Tesla trade. @Angela Kuzeva Which discord call out groups do you use.
  4. Hi, I am learning in the simulator and developing my strategy. One thing I've noticed is that trading lower priced stocks has been much more profitable. For instance, a while ago I bought 100 shares of AI for $30 and sold it for $31, which gives me $100 already reaching my daily target. With the same money if I buy 10 shares of Tesla at $300 and sell at $301, I make $10. Yay. Of course with cheap stocks there is also greater potential for loss but with proper stops and risk management this shouldn't be an issue. And of course I'm not talking about penny stocks, I stay away from those, I'm talking about stocks between $20 and $50. So I am wondering, is there a reason experienced traders don't focus on lower priced stocks? Is there something I'm missing?
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