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  1. Brian Pez

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Great overall high level assessment Nas and I am in 100% agreement. Market seems tenuous here. Lots of fundamentals suggesting market may drop (Europe weakening economy, more tariff talk, bull market long in the tooth, interest rate hikes question ete ete), - a path higher seems unlikely....consolidation which means chop, especially on news flow. Also looking at high yield bonds HYG - starting to drop another ominous sign for bulls. Thanks for posting set ups. YETI - earnings on the Nov 29th - I do not like holding through an ER - just saying. NTGR - building a base and looks interesting BLL - agree strong uptrend, RSI showing it is pretty overbought, need a pullback for entry as you suggest ADP - jmho - looks like it is in no-mans land right now. CROX - really extended here, needs pullback to take an entry ANAT - tough chart to trade...looks like it might be range bound. I posted a youtube video showing some stuff I am watching including maybe a bounce in oil. Can play with XLE, OIH, GUSH, UWT or individual oil names - pick your poison. Next OPEC meeting coming up in Dec and they will likely talk about production cuts.
  2. Brian Pez

    Swing Trade CL

    The long trade on XLK seems like it was a bit of a bet on NVDA earnings. See what happens tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you. I bought 100 shares of BABA, was going to add to my position but held off - just not quite convinced we are ready to break back higher. Should be a volatile day again tomorrow (Friday).
  3. Brian Pez

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Tomorrow will be interesting. NVDA and AMAT just two more examples of why I NEVER hold stocks through earnings release. People were saying 'its OK, the stock has come way off its highs so even if the earnings numbers are bad, they are baked in". They are rarely "baked in". I think this shakes the confidence of tech investors again and we could see another sell off tomorrow - especially being Friday. Will see what happens. Agreed LULU looks interesting, - sold off after hours due to other retailer reports....might be a good entry here but depends on market as per my comment above. An entry around 136 would be great for risk reward eh?
  4. Brian Pez

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    I agree with your opinion on more selling but we had a gap fill today and have reversed hard. I would have liked to see a retest of lows for a good double bottom pattern but maybe we do not get there. NVDA and AMAT and WSM reporting tonight. I like all these charts that you posted for potential reversals - great job picking those out. Strong finish into the close today (Nov 15) might be worth a morning gap swing but I will not touch these 3 that are reporting. Maybe an etf like TNA...will have to see how we close.
  5. Brian Pez

    Swing Trade CL

    Agree, I also use finviz or sometimes chartmill to do scans. Online broker platforms also have scanning tools but the two I mentioned are very straight forward to use and versatile.
  6. Brian Pez

    Swing Trade CL

    Peter Obviously, doing strangles can be an interesting strategy in trending volatile markets. Working with indexes again will work as long as the overall market is trending or moving a lot. Good to here this has been working for you.
  7. Brian Pez

    Swing Trade CL

    Hi guys and sorry for the slow responses. I have been swamped but getting back on my feet now. On CL I bought the Dec 21 calls to give myself some time to get through this volatility. I decided not to sell them when CL dipped down because I do see a path higher and did not want to get shaken out on the small panic sell off that happened. I will sell them if they can not hold the 61 level. As a side note, I do not play options very often.
  8. Brian Pez

    Welcome to the Swing Trading Forum

    Yes margin does work on ETF's but the various brokers have different rules for the different ETF.s For example a short ETF will likely have a different margin rate compared to a long ETF. ie TNA versus TZA. Check with your broker on their rules.
  9. Brian Pez

    Netflix as a swing trade

    Agreed. We need to get through some of this overall market weakness and volatility. Hopefully we get a big one day market flush which might signal a tradable bottom. Market seems to want to go lower now.
  10. Brian Pez

    Swing Trade CL

    I like the way CL is trading on a down market day. Something is going on here. I have bought some Dec options and took a small share position through 63. Stop below 62.5 and looking for 65 to start scaling out.
  11. Brian Pez

    Welcome to the Swing Trading Forum

    Yes I do trade ETF's. If you get in early on a trend with a commodity for example, you can really ride that trend. Take a look at UNG or UGAZ which are nat gas etfs. They have been rocketing higher. On the bear side, oil has really been breaking down through October and gave a nice trade on DWT which is an inverse etf for crude oil price. Nat gas is too late for a trade, but I think oil has more to drop - especially if $60 on crude fails to hold support.
  12. Hi everyone and welcome to our new forum on swing trading. As you likely know, swing trading involves taking positions in a stock or other security and holding that position for as short as overnight to days or weeks or even longer. If you are new to swing trading and want to learn more, reading Brian Pezim's book "How to Swing Trade" would be a good starting point. It is available on Amazon. We expect this forum will be used by our members to present and openly discuss swing trading opportunities. The one advantage of swing trading is that the trader has the opportunity to slow the decision process and plan their trades without having to make a quick decision on whether to enter a trade. Thanks in advance for being part of this forum and we hope this forum can offer up some profitable opportunities for our members.

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