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  1. Anna - Wednesday and Thursday are about the same for us. Wednesday might be a little easier but it would still be a short visit for us.
  2. Nathan and I would love to join but we have the kids Thursday night. We might be able to pop by for a little bit but it would need to be before 8 pm for us.
  3. Reservations are set for 6 PM Friday the 2nd at Culinary Dropout in Phoenix. See you all there.
  4. Hey Phoenix, I am planning a Phoenix meetup for the evening of Friday August 2nd!! I am suggesting Culinary Dropout as the location because it is centrally located and a really fun place. https://www.culinarydropout.com/locations/phoenix-az/ Location and time are flexible at this point, so please reply to this post if you are interested. Please include your preference on time (I am thinking around 6 or 7) and if the location works for you. If you have any other suggestions for location, please include that info as well. We might have one or two BBT moderators join us as well. Happy Sunday all, Michelle
  5. Sometimes we trade the same stock, we talk to each other about setups and what we are looking at, but often take different trades. On the rare occasion we have traded against each other.
  6. I read "How to Day Trade for a Living" over a year and a half ago, I join the chatroom while I was still reading the book. The chatroom has been an invaluable resource for learning not only good trading habits, but the psychology of trading as well. After a year of trading my husband joined me and now we trade together everyday. Thanks to the BBT community!! Michelle and Nathan
  7. I would love to meet everyone. I am game for any activities; camelback is a beautiful hike. Early February as Andrew mentioned or mid-March (March 15-16) would be best! The following weekend in March (23-24) would be very difficult, but if that is the weekend you all choose, I will find a way to make it work. Michelle
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