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  1. Hi, Commissions seems to be much higher when using PRT. PRT request to open a new IB acount wiht their link, you can't use an existing IB account if I remeber well.
  2. @Earl Damron any chance to meet before market open? I'm in Europe with family...so it would be really great
  3. Hello @Roberto, Thanks for starting this tread on Prorealtime (PRT). This platform looks really nice. According to your experience, is PRT fast enought for day trading please?
  4. Thank you @RussWilliamL, that's a great idea and I surely install it
  5. Nice. What is your Twitter username or link please so I can find you @Earl Damron?
  6. Hell @Earl Damron, do you post your trades on Twitter ? I'd love to analysed them. By the way, thank you for your webinar and sharing your amazing learning curve with us
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. I really like how you use TWS. And yes automatic size calculation is really missing on TWS. I will practice using your advice. By the way do you know what are little red and green small dotted lines on charts please ? I have find the setting for showing trades with triangles but nothing about those small dotted lines:
  8. Hello @Radek, I tried your settings today. Thanks again for sharing. Like the 5 sec chart, looks really interesting to see the momentum. I did really appreciate to this volume and fast/slow orders but would you mind sharing a little more how you use it ? Volume size but also patterns ? Also I used your button settings. Nice but i messed up with sizes and STOP buttons. How do you use them please ? Mental or hard stop ? Also are your a momentum trader as Andrew ?
  9. @Radek thanks for sharing. Do you use level II for trading ? Because it seems that TWS level II data feed is slower than DAS one.
  10. Hi, Love to get some opinion as well on TC2000. The platform is a beauty.
  11. Just to share this tread of 2020 daily watchlist from @JasonH
  12. Hello guys, What is your experience return using DAS replay feature please? Is it working well and would you recommend it? Thanks
  13. Hi Lane_S, Thanks for sharing. Did you get better on live trading since ? I'm looking for a replay solution as I'm working in France. I'd like to know if Tradingsim is usefull or Das replay is the one .
  14. Thank you very much. Is anyone doing the same work for 2020 ?
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