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  1. Hi there/ I don't have much experience using TC2000 . From time to time i use them for paper trading. You can check Worden Brothers- they have a lot information. Happy trading
  2. I am new at this, although i can not bring to much to the table ( for now)i would be interested joining (time permitting) small/large/between group.
  3. Any opinion on tc2000 platform and brokerage? Personally i like it alto i don't know how will behave in real time trading. What surprised me is that clearing firm is Interactive Brokers. TC2000 is less expensive then DAS but i just finshed my 14 day DAS trial (i had only 2 days of practice trading- due to my work-and i went "crazy") i liked v much
  4. Hello everyone. My neame is Derek and I joined BBT forum few days ago Most of the time i was just playing with charts and occasionally paper trading on TC2000 trading platform due to my work. Last few years, winter time is my downtime so i thought it would be good idea get little more serious about trading ( day or swing)alto took me almost 10 years to come to this conclusion. I think i found good group of people to get started.
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