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Hey everybody, we are looking to hold our next NYC meetup on Friday, February 21st. We are looking for an approximate head-count before we determine the venue. The venue will most likely be in or near midtown Manhattan, but again, we will adjust depending on the interest. We won't be having a speaker like last time, however, all are welcome. Ryan, Andrew, Carlos, Peter, Norm and Mike B will all be in attendance!

Please reply to this post letting us know if you will be in attendance and if you will be bringing any +1's.

We will be holding the Meetup at Pioneer's Bar: http://pioneersbar.com/
138 W 29th St. New York New York
The meetup will start at roughly 7:00PM ET
When you walk in, walk to the back and if you are stopped, mention you are here for the Bear Bull Traders Meetup event. 

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dang, i always have the worst luck with the meetups, missed the Seattle meetup by a week, and I won't be in NY until a week later on the 2/28, darn, oh well 🙂 boys drink well without me!

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