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  1. Trade of the Week - Jonathan Sept 14 - Cesar
  2. Trade of the week for Aug 31 - Sept 4 - Shahab September 8 - Leili
  3. Aug 28 - Jessie Aug 31 - Daniel E Sept 1 - Trader Dash Sept 2 - Dmiles
  4. TRADE OF THE DAY AND WEEK SUBMISSION GUIDELINES TRADE OF THE DAY (Monday – Friday) 1. Markup and post your best Trade for the day on Twitter by 1:30pm ET. (Trades that are closed out between 1:30pm – 4:30pm ET are eligible for the following day’s submission) 2. Friday trades can be submitted for consideration for Monday’s Trade of the Day. 3. High Quality Screenshots have priority if there are close cases. 4. Tag @bearbulltraders, @MikeB_BBT, and @NormBBT to qualify for submission 5. Use Hashtag #BBTFamily 6. The winner will be announced in the BBT Closing Bell Show on Monday and Posted to Twitter TRADE OF THE WEEK 1. The five Trades of the Day will be voted on by BBT Moderators for Trade of the Week. 2. The Trade receiving the most votes will be the winner and announced on Moday at 1230 during the Closing Bell Show on YouTube and Posted to Twitter. 3. The winner will be eligible for the newest Apple iPhone (currently: iPhone 11 Pro 64GB value ~$1,500) 4. To receive the iPhone, the winner must submit the following documents to BBT by the upcoming Friday. a. TradeBook review of the trade. (Available in Room Drive or Download Link: https://bearbulltraders.com/go/trade-of-the-week-template/) b. Submit a Trade Replay to be featured on BBT YouTube page and in the Homework Section on the BBT Website. (For members without DAS Replay, you will be given access to a DAS simulator for Saturaday and Sunday to complete this requirement) c. A picture of your Trading Setup with BBT logo and Bear Bull Traders guidebook “How to Day Trade for a Living” by Andrew Aziz/ to be shared in BBT social media and website.
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