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  1. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    Last day of Simulator. Oct 31st 2 trades on AMD. Hit daily profit goal even after being stopped out on the first trade. Trade 1 - S&R Long from pre-market resistance level. I had a trade plan for a long or a short depending on where the stock went at the open. The stock hit my long entry point and head to my first planned out but fell just short of it. It then reversed and I got stopped out. Happy with the trade as I was willing to pay to see if the cost took off at the open. Trade 2 - S&R Short from pre-market support level. - Once I got stopped out I went short at the moving average. This was a rare early entry for me as I mistakenly took my stopped out from trade 1 as my planned entry. I took the first out at 1:1; however, this was earlier than I would have liked. I took my second out where I would have like my first cover at around 17.48. I then covered just above my profit target as I saw the stock beginning to lose momentum. If I would have taken the first out this area should have been my second out and then I could have held the remain to the profit target. Overall I was happy with trading today. After reviewing my analytical data, I am comfortable transitioning to live trading. I plan on posting the data comparison from my September simulator trading to my October Simulator trading this weekend. A couple of the visual charts are interesting and confirm my decision not to go live this month and do an extra month of simulator.
  2. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 30th on GE and AMD. Hit Max Daily loss today due to not following my own rules. Trade-1 FOMO GE Short - I entered this trade simply because of all the bad news that was being reported about the earnings. What I failed to consider was at the open there was the possibility that there would be a large buy off prior to the sell off. When the buy off happened I allowed the trade to go past my stop to a new level. Looking back on the trade I can recall my mind seeing the obvious ABCD pattern on the 1 minute chart, but my short bias prevented me from executing the trade correctly. Trade - 2 FOMO AMD - I had no reason for entering this trade other than I was looking at the chart and let the indicators dictate the trade. Once I entered I quickly realized I did not have a trade, risk, or profit taking plan, so I exited with a small loss but this put me at my daily max loss. The other trades you see on the GE charts were me just playing around in sim releasing the frustration of two terrible trades I executed on a stock that I should have traded better. Daily max loss met Tomorrow is my last day in simulator before going live on November 5th.
  3. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 29 trade on AMD. I took 3 trades on AMD. Trade 1 - S&R Long in the pre-market - This is the similar trade that I have seen in the past with the 1 minute and 5 minute charts hitting both a support and resistance level and not being able to break through. I developed a long plan that I would go long if it broke the 18.25 with higher than usual volume. It did this so I went long; however, I set a stop loss at the support level and said I would reverse the position if after the open it broke below that with other indicators. After the open it hit my stop loss so I exited and quickly started to look for confirmation to go short with my short plan. Trade 2 - I saw it bounce of the moving averages and VWAP, so I said I will go short if it breaks 18.15. With the stock being on SSR with CME Group I had to do a manual montage entry. As you can see from the chart below I did not get the fill until my profit target. Once that occurred I set up a new risk to reward ratio and said I will take my first out at .20 lower than my entry. It did this so I then move my break even to my entry and unfortunately the stock did a pullback and I got out at the break-even. This is inline with my profit taking methodology. Trade 3 - I once again saw it bounce off the moving average, so I said it is going to go lower again. Once again because of the SSR with CME Group I could not get a good fill. once I did get a fill I readjusted my profit taking plan and executed it accordingly. I was happy with my first trade. The second and third trade were basically the same trade, but because of the bad entry it through off my profit taking methodology. Lesson learned from this is either do not plan on trading a SSR stock with CME Group or put in an order prior to it hitting the entry point. Daily goal was not met today, but I was satisfied with how I traded. I would have preferred to have better entries. Two more days of Simulator trading. On my last day I plan on posting my simulator analytic comparison between my trading in September and October.
  4. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 26th I did not trade as I hit max shares traded on Thursday and I have a rule that if I hit max Shares than I do not trade for the rest of the week. I only look at the charts. When I go live this rule will evolve into trading sim for the rest of the week.
  5. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 25th Trades on TWTR & AMD. Today was a day where the Market rewarded me for terrible behavior. I regressed back to zooming into the 1 minute chart and not pulling back to look at the 5 min or 15 minute charts. My plan going into today was to trade TWTR at a 15 min ORB; however, I gave into impulse and traded TWTR 3 times before 15 minutes. The fourth trade on TWTR was the actual 15 minute ORBU I had planned to take but I was so chopped up with TWTR already I called it a day after taking my first profit only to see it run to my profit target. Met Daily goal but did not give myself a passing grade for fundamentals. Trade 1 - TWTR - Jump the gun prior to 5 minute mark. I had no trade plan and had FOMO. The only good thing was I had a stop and utilized it, even though it was not based on any technical level. Trade 2 - TWTR - Again Jump the gun prior to 5 minute mark since I just had a loss. I again had no trade plan and had FOMO. The only good thing was I had a stop at the 9 EMA and utilized it. Trade 3 - TWTR - Why not lets try three times in a row to enter a trade based on FOMO and think I am going to have good results. Good thing I realized this and said I out, regroup, and figure out a trade plan. Trade 4 - TWTR - Hey what do you know I developed a 15 min ORBU trade plan, set my stop loss at VWAP, Profit Target at 33.20, and entry once it broke 31.70. Everything was good but I did not execute my trade plan because I saw another pullback on the 1 minute chart and instead of holding to my stop I just got out with a little profit. And of course the stock goes to my profit target. Bad trade all around. Trade 5 - AMD - I figured since TWTR was not working out with FOMO strategy, why not try it with AMD, it is bound to work in my favor. I entered on a 1 minute consolidation without looking to the 5 minute chart. I entered and quickly realized how stupid of an entry that was. I made the decision that was lost money and developed somewhat of a trading plan. I set an entry of 19.13, Stop of 18.86, and exit at 19.60. I entered and of course for some reason I did not enter just 100 shares, I also had a duplicate order of an additional 200 shares. At this point I just closed my eyes and took a deep breath and said if this were live what would you do. In the past I would have said oh well this trade don't count, but I didn't this time around. So once I decided that once the stock popped above my entry point I would clear out the extra shares and get back to where I was comfortable. If I hit my stop before that than I would stop out. Luckily it went in my direction and I took my first out to get me back to my normal share size. I took some off at my normal 1st out, half at near my profit target, and exited just above my profit target. Overall today was not a good trading day even though I hit my daily goal. 4 more sim days till I go Live.
  6. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 24th trades on AMD and T. Could not upload a video today. Trade 1 - S&R on pre-market resistance level - I had a long and short plan for the open. If the stock broke 25.19 I would go long, but if it broke the 25.01 then I would go short. It broke 25.01 and I hit my hotkey but got a bad fill almost .10 lower which threw me off. During the pullback it went to my planned entry and because I was out of whack, as soon as it dropped back to my entry I got out. AMD can be a choppy stock so I did not want to take a chance. I took a little loss on the trade. I then moved on to T Trade 2 - 5 Min ORBD - (No chart picture) - I noticed a consolidation around 31.66 and decided to go short if it broke 31.60 to a profit target of 31.21. I set my stop just above VWAP. I had a good risk to reward ratio; however, I got in a little early and should have waited until the close of the 5 min candle. I got in with about 15 secs left. I took my first profit at 31.43, second out was at 31.30 (not a good out), and I exited at my profit target. Trade 3 - 5 Min ORB - While in the T Trade I saw a consolidation on the 1 minute chart with a pull back to a Resistance level. I decided to go short. I took my first out at the next support level and decided to take my second out and exit around the profit target as I began seeing a lot ask start to populate and felt the buyers were starting to gain control. It did pull back and I would have gotten stopped out at my first profit target; however, it did eventually hit my profit target of 24.10. Daily goal was met, but I had more trades than I would have liked. Tomorrow should be an interesting day for AMD after it earnings report this evening.
  7. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 23rd 5 Min ORBD trade on CAT. Trade went well but the bid-ask spread caused me some issues on taking profit. Overall I was happy with it and learned a valuable lesson when there is a large bid-ask spread don't take profit based on the candle you have watch what the Bid/Ask price says depending on the direction you are going. Hit my daily goal for the day and then watched the charts for another hour. 2018-10-23 12-28-24.mp4
  8. I use it as a safety net for my internet connection failure as I trade off a Verizon Hotspot and not a wired connection. I have set it at a 2% loss of my total equity, which is higher than my max daily loss I set. This eliminates a worry for me that if the internet drops I won't be able to get out of a trade if it turns against me.
  9. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 22 trade on my buddy AMD. I did something I have not done before and that is enter a trade in the minute before the pre-market. I had a great If-Then statement for both a long a short depending on which way the AMD opened. Then about 30 seconds before the market opened, the stock popped above my entry point with high volume, Time & Sales chart started moving extremely fast and the Ask heavily outnumbered the Bids. I hesitated a little as I was unsure about entering prior to the open but I had a good trade plan and it was so close to open I went long above my planned entry but set a stop loss that if the stock moved against me that I was out and ready to take it to the short side. Hit my daily goal for the day and started watching charts for an hour till work. I also messed around with YNDX as it was a SSR stock with CMEG. I wanted to test if I could get in and out of the trade in simulator. I was unable to use my hotkeys to enter short; however, if I used the Montage hotkey buttons I was able to get filled. Once filled I was able to use my hotkeys to scale out. When I go live I going to test with 1 share to see how it goes. Small price to pay for piece of mind. 2018-10-22 18-27-19.mp4
  10. Hello everyone, i arrived a little early. Right now live music is going on outside the restaurant in the court yard. You can find me by the dance floor to the left of the band sitting in the chair with a Starbucks coffe if you are early to. Mike B
  11. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 19 trade on EBAY. I did a quick trade within the first five minutes on Ebay. That one trade made my daily goal, so if I was live I would have been done for the day and transferred to Sim. But since I am already in a simulator, I made the mental note that from this point forward all the trades would only be conducted in simulator and would not count towards any of my statistics. I did not make a video today as I cannot fit the recap in the 2 minute time limit, so I am just going to type it today. By the end of the day I had 4 trades, 2 positive, 2 negative because I let 1 of those go past my breakeven. Trade 1 - Strategy - I was short biased as Ebay had a bad earnings report and it was having trouble popping above VWAP in the pre-market. I had a plan that if the stock sold off in the first minute that I would go short to 29.00 with a stop loss at VWAP if the the risk reward ratio was at least a 2:1. I entered and covered at 28.89 after a quick drop and then got out as the stock began to pull back towards my original profit target. Trade 2 - Strategy - 5 Minute ORBD. I set my profit target at 28.61 with a stop loss at VWAP. This trade I did not execute my profit taking plan well, as I let the stock go past my breakeven point once I had taken my first out. I was messing around with the level 2 display being in the ladder view instead of the normal view I use. I like the visual of the ladder view as it was easy to identify what direction the price action was moving; however, I did not like how I was unable to clearly identify when the stock was at my breakeven price. This caused the stock to move past my break even point, so I decided to just use my original stop loss as an exit as it was only .05 away. I exited the trade when it hit VWAP. Trade 3 - Strategy - did not have one as I started to let the candles dictate instead of analyzing the information the candles were presenting. Although I did not make money on this trade, this was probably the best trade of the day from a psychology development perspective. I entered at the 29.02 support level believing that the stock would go down toward my profit target from the previous trade at 28.61. I was saying to myself, "I know this stock is going to hit that profit target", thanks to the book "Trading in the Zone" I know when I start saying those words, I need to look for reasons why I am wrong. So I took my eyes off the 1 minute chart and started looking at the 5 minute and 15 minute chart. I quickly noticed on the five minute chart that the stock was making higher, higher, lows. When I saw this I said I need to get out and look for a profit target to the long side. I exited and quickly executed trade 4 to the long side. Trade 4 - Strategy - Modified VWAP Reversal - I set an entry at the high of the second candle as the third candle did not make a new high. I set a stop at the low of the current candle as I was still a little short biased, and I set the profit target at the moving average at 29.58. I took profit at the resistance level of 29.46, a second out when the stock broke the 50 SMA on the 1 minute, and I exited when the stock hit my profit target. Overall today I was happy with my trading. I met my daily goal and was in the green 4 of 4 trading days. I was also positive after commissions 4 of 4 days this week. I consider commissions & ECN fees as a learning price and do not count them when I consider whether I was green or red for the day. (Did not trade Monday) Monthly stats Win Rate% - 71% (3% increase from last week) Average Win Ratio is below a 2:1 (1 dollar off a 2:1 ratio) Net Equity curve is upward (increase from Horizontal) Gross Equity curve is upward (Same as last week) Current planned transition from primarily Simulator to Live trading is November 5, 2019.
  12. Hello Everyone, Details for tomorrow's meetup. I plan on getting there around 6:45pm and heading to the bar to block an area off for us. From talking with the restaurant staff tomorrow they are going to busy. Time: 7:00pm Drinks/7:45pm Dinner Reservation Name: Mike B Location: Puesto at the Headquarters Address: 789 W Harbor Dr San Diego, CA 92101 Updated list of Attendees (20) Andrew BrianP PeterD MikeB True cthennebry juargas2108 Marek raminzand + guest rizza0907 (maybe) Esam E. awm3186 EJ Anarizza Jamie Mikayla Nick Matt Dani See everyone tomorrow, safe travels.
  13. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    Oct 18 trades on AA. Today was a rough day, as I took three trades, two of them without a Trade, Risk, or Profit Taking plan. I made my daily goal off the first trade, so if I was live I would have executed the last two trades in sim. However, this is a perfect example of the market rewarding bad behavior have I broke almost all my rules prior to entering the trade. 2018-10-18 12-13-13.mp4
  14. Updated list of attendees, (18 total) Andrew BrianP PeterD MikeB True cthennebry juargas2108 Marek raminzand + guest rizza0907 (maybe) Esam E. awm3186 EJ Anarizza Jamie Mikayla Nick
  15. Mike B

    Mike B. Simulator Video Recaps

    October 17 trade on AMD. I beginning to realize AMD and I are really good buddies. Got a late entry but my profit taking was where I wanted it to be. If I had been patience, If I had not hit my goal for the day I could also have taken a 15 Min ORBD on AMD. I noticed while I was doing my re-cap. Couple more weeks until I go live. 2018-10-17 12-08-11.mp4

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