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  1. Hi Bear Bull Traders, ‘I am from Melbourne Australia. Found Andrews books on Amazon and am almost through the first one so decided to join. i have always been interested in the share market and while hubby and l have a few “Blue Chip - long term shares” l have always wanted to learn more about day trading and try my hand at it. I love the idea of using the simulator so my plan is to learn and practice as much as l can from now until the new year before diving in to spending “our real money”! We are semi retired so l now have more time on my hands, and since we like to travel trading is something we can still do from anywhere in the world provided we have internet access! I am keen to learn all the terms and strategies....some sound so confusing at the moment but l am sure l will get the hang of it. Would be great to chat with anyone who lives in Australia or trades in the ASX (Australian stock market) as whilst we already have some USA stocks and a trading account the time difference will be a bit difficult at times. Looking forward to learning lots....but please be patient with me Cheers Sue Waghorn (leilajake)
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