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  1. hi, i messaged you earlier about bookmap.

    bookmap have a new data feed that they emailed me about.

    i want to compare the new data feed with dx feed

    bookmap said i will get alot more data from the new feed as it has ARCA book

    but i  want to compare screenshots of the new feed and the DXfeed,to see if i get more data

    as the new data feed is more expensive  



      i am currently using DX feed premium bundle which is $119 a month


  2. Sorry....for the delay getting back. Once again "life" got in the way!. Well you're not far away at all then!. I grew up in Geelong...great area. We have a self managed superfund so l did a bit of swing trading during Covid on the US market and made some money....have some stock in the Aus market but not enough volatility to really do much. Hence why l want to get into the Day Trading. Yes...Andrew does make it look so easy. Mind you he makes losing look easy too!!. I opened an IB account also...but it's just been sitting there. I am I the process of working out which trading strategy l like. Was watching a Mike B presentation this week and he suggests just trying anything and everything on the simulator and seeing what works and what doesn't. I want all this sorted before l join the Bootcamp. I really like the look of the 9/20 one and the Mountain Pass. But as they say...what l like and what "works" for me could be 2 different things. We have our own business (caravan sales) so l get quite busy with that which leaves only the evenings to learn. But l will get there. Hubby is about 3/4 years from retiring so l am "hoping" this will be a source of a bit of spending money for us then and something to keep my brain active. I'd be interested in hearing about your strategy. How do you manage to trade and work full time? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Do you trade on The Australian market at all. I did see some people say they day trade it....but l can't imagine how it could really work. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers Sue
  3. Hi Martin D, thanks for the message. Nice to have a "local" on here...! I am in Warragul, Gippsland. Yes l have been watching Thors sessions....and trying to tune in live to the 8pm USA ET sessions given there at lunchtime here. I have also been watching the different Mods with their individual strategies....and l have a couple l am really interested in trying. But as l am reading people keep saying even though l may like a strategy...I may not be good at it nor may it work for me. So l have started a book on what l like...then l will focus on one at a time and sign up for the DAS sim....as l agree..prefer to get used to one trading system, and try out my strategies. How long have you been trading/been a member of BBT? Once again...thanks so much for reaching out. Maybe when l am no longer a REAL newbie...we maybe able to discuss some of the positives/negatives of trading from the other side of the world.!!
  4. Newbie here so please excuse the "dumb"questions..! Joined BBT about 3 years ago...life got in the way but this year l am focused and determined to do this...! SO i am currently re-reading Andrews beginners day trading book, finished reading Mike B's psychology book and bought Thors to read next. Am going to do the May bootcamp so want to get as much experience/knowledge behind me so l can really make the most of the bootcamp. I am in Australia so try and tune in early morning when l can (i still work) to the afternoon sessions and plan to join in as many of the sessions at 8pm. I already have an IB account which l played with 3 years ago. I got a New Year special for Trade Ideas so have joined that for 12 months. So my question is do l need to now Join DAS Pro and TraderVue....or will l be doubling up on services somewhere along the line. Seems there are so many systems and because l am new l don't know if l need all or just a couple. I am only planning on SIM trading until l do the bootcamp so that will give me a good 5 months practice. Thanks for any advice....my poor brain is swimming at the moment,
  5. Hi Bear Bull Traders, ‘I am from Melbourne Australia. Found Andrews books on Amazon and am almost through the first one so decided to join. i have always been interested in the share market and while hubby and l have a few “Blue Chip - long term shares” l have always wanted to learn more about day trading and try my hand at it. I love the idea of using the simulator so my plan is to learn and practice as much as l can from now until the new year before diving in to spending “our real money”! We are semi retired so l now have more time on my hands, and since we like to travel trading is something we can still do from anywhere in the world provided we have internet access! I am keen to learn all the terms and strategies....some sound so confusing at the moment but l am sure l will get the hang of it. Would be great to chat with anyone who lives in Australia or trades in the ASX (Australian stock market) as whilst we already have some USA stocks and a trading account the time difference will be a bit difficult at times. Looking forward to learning lots....but please be patient with me Cheers Sue Waghorn (leilajake)
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