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  1. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    15.Jul.19 - Live Trade (I have fully funded my account and lifted the PDT rule). Rules: Risk per trade - R Maxloss - 3R Profit Target - 6R I stop for the day once I have 3 Losing Trades. Max Loss day - 4 Trades today. 2 Losing and 2 Break-even. Watchlist: I had $MU, $TEVA, $NVDA, $TWTR and $CAPR on the watchlist. Added $X later. Was watching $MU and $NVDA at the open. $MU, I noted Double Top, so was Short biased. Wanted to take short below $44.89 $NVDA - noted Shooting star on daily, was Short biased. $TEVA - daily below all the tech levels, was Short biased. Harmonious $X, $TWTR - Harmonious $CAPR - Gapped up premarket, candidate for Fallen angel setup. Trade1: $X. It was William's Harmonious chart, above all MAs. Took it long after the price popped above VWAP and open above. Price turned and I got stopped out. Also noted the shooting star forming on 2 min after my entry. Price was choppy thru out the day. Trade 2: $AMD. 2 Trades. Was bullish at the premarket. Bounced off 200MA-1min. Could have taken this entry. waited for the price to offer pullback near VWAP. Took it long, but got stopped out. Only 7c stop, below VWAP and 9MA. Got in again, after price bounced off 50MA on 1min. Took some partials, and then got stopped out again to the penny. Price moved close to 20R, after I got stopped out. Trade 3: $TWTR. $TWTR was bullish along with $MSFT at the open. Again waited for the price to pullback to VWAP, Took an entry after it opened above VWAP. Gave it good stop, put in a Range order, got stopped out again. Good: Premarket analysis was good and worked out mostly. I didn't chase the entry for Fallen angel setup on $CAPR. Chasing was my mistake last week. Improvement: I was rushing thru my trades today, I took all 4 trades within 30-40 mins, as I had to take care of some work later. I need to be patient. Today was a day of FOMO for me. I was fliping thru stocks so quickly that I keep missing all the good moves. $MU had a shooting star on 5min, I missed it. $TEVA was dumping at the open. $CAPR had a very good Fallen angel setup. Missed it too. All these I had planned during premarket, but missed it at the open. Need to evaluate if I am keeping my Stop too close, I got stopped out to the Penny atleast 2 times. Usually VWAP is my level. But now, the price seems to come down to 9/20MA before bouncing off. Need to re-evaluate. Because of getting stopped out, I missed the Big move on $AMD, could have been one and done today. I should have traded my main watchlist $MU, $TEVA & $NVDA. I moved away from it.
  2. Was the Panic key Shift+Esc? It's scary if the Panic key didn't work, that's what I rely on in case if something goes awefully wrong. I thought PANIC key closes all the positions irrespective of the Montage or DAS settings. Looks like that's not the case. It's great that you were calm enough to figure out the issue and sort it out. Also, I have Day+ on my Montage all the time and it works.
  3. IamKarthi

    What happened to my stop?

    I think this is what would have happened! My guess. 1. Yes, You default the Montage to 100 shares, but when you short it twice, the No. of shares automatically changes to the current No. of shares (200 - if you clicked twice and 300-if you clicked thrice) . Although the order is rejected the #of shares remain in the Montage. You need to change it again to 100. 2. When you have a Stop-Limit order, the price may touch your target, but you may not get filled. (depends on where you are in the queue of orders, compared to others - First in First Out) 3. The third point about the order getting sent at $17.62 and getting executed at $17.12 is something very important. This is called Slippage and can happen depending on the Float and Volatality of the stock. $OSTK is a Low float stock with poor spread and bad slippage. That is why BBT moderators discourage trading Lowfloat stocks and recommend the Midfloat stocks with very good spread/slippage like $AMD, $MU, $AAPL etc., I had a similar experience with $PDD couple of months back. Take a look at the image below. My order was sent/accepted at $20.45 but executed at $20.69. But this is normal.
  4. 09.Jul.19 Here is an example of this setup from 9.Jul.19. I took a Live trade on this. Because there was a Resistence at the top, Price didn't move a lot. That is why I prefer William's Harmonious charts with ATH/ATL (doesn't happen often though).
  5. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    09.Jul.19 Break Even - 2 Trades today. Watchlist: Another day with no so impressive watchlist, I had $TEVA, $NVDA, $ROKU, $SQ and $OSTK (LF) on the watchlist. I took $OSTK and $MU today Trade1: $OSTK. At the Open the price dropped, I was looking for Fallen Angel setup, it did happen, except I was late on the Entry. And I did not look at the spread before entering, slippage was bad too. On top of these 3 factors, I pressed the Hotkey twice, so I had double the share size. I wanted to get out immediately, but the price was moving in my direction, held on to it. Price dropped immediately and got stopped out. Trade 2: $MU. $MU was in action today. I noticied the hammer bouncing off 20MA on 1min, took long. At this time, I noticed the Pullback ORB on the 5min, so added to my position at the breakout. I partialed quickly till HOD, as it was forming Double Top. Good: Nice Entry on $MU. Once I recognized the 2nd setup, added to my position as it was dual confirmation. Improvement: Late Entry on $OSTK, not checking the spread, should have let it pass. Also, should have exited half size, after Hotkey mistake.
  6. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    08.Jul.19 - Live Trade (Now that BT trader is over, I will start capturing only the Live trades) Breakeven day - 1 Trade on $FB. My mood was not good, there is construction work going on near my apartment and the noise is unbearable. Not sure how long I have to put up with it and trade. I got in $FB long and immediately got out. i don't remember what the setup was. But the price dropped immediately. Have no screenshot today.
  7. Hope everything's alright now !!
  8. IamKarthi

    Strategies Trading Low Floats

    Very Good Topic to discuss about. I have seen only @Brian Pez trading Lowfloats at the open to HOD (or LOD). Stays only for a min and gets out with a profit. May be he can throw some insights about Trading Lowfloats. Personally, I like the Fallen Angel setup, has good success so far on it. I have also read The 1 hour Trade by Biran P Anderson. This setup is hard to find at the open. But the Fallen angel setup has very good accuracy. I take it not at the reversal point, but after it breaks all the resistence levels. I also prefer to Long a Low priced Low Float stocks instead of Shorting.
  9. I was getting burnt while taking the conventional ORBs at the open. It affected my pshychology when my first trade of the morning fails, even when I think the setup was perfect. For e.g, A beautiful strong 1min open candle on $TIGR below, with no wicks, I went Long and got stopped out. If my first trade fails then it becomes a catchup to overcome the losses and then achieve the daily goal, and my pshychology gets messedup. I found some ways to narrow the ORB setup down to a level which offers high accuracy and would like to share this strategy "Pullback ORB with Breakout Entry"|. I have tried this out for the last couple of months and it has worked very well so far. The reason for this setup: I wanted a high accuracy setup at the open. I don't like overtrading, I prefer one and done, if possible. I am time constrained during the day. I can trade only at the open for 30-40 mins. And I am not good at Trading reversals. About the setup: This Pullback ORB-Breakout Entry works very well with @WilliamH Harmonious Charts. Step 1: At the premarket, find a Harmonious setup, where the price action is above (or below) all the MAs on multiple timeframes 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60min and Daily (most of them, if not all). I prefer when the Harmonious chart is also ATH/ATL (All time High or Alltime Low) Step 2. Pullback candle: At the open, Watch the 1min chart for the first 2 mins. Check if the 2nd candle is a Pullback Candle. Then it is an Alert. E.g Below. Step 3: Breakout Entry: Wait for the 3rd candle to break the previous 2 candles high (only bodies, no wicks) and take an entry. E.g Below. Step 4. Profit Targets: This is usually high RR setups, some times as high as 3-4 RR and a good candidate for riding till close. Step 5. This pattern/Setup works as good when it occurs on 2min or 5min timeframes too. If step 2 doesn't occur on 1 min chart, switch to 2min chart and watch for the pullback candle on 2nd 2min candle. Continue Steps 2-4. If it doesn't occur on 2 min, switch to 5min chart and continue steps 2-4. P.S: Harmonious charts - Sometimes you may find higher timeframes as Harmonious and smaller timeframes not harmonious, Wait for the open to see if the price action becomes Harmonious on these smaller timeframes too. Contrary to other setups, this setup works well when it appears on smaller timeframes. Eventhough it may appear on 15 or 30 mins, the setup may not provide high RRs. These are not rare setups, they occur almost everyday on common stocks like $FB, $AMD, $MU, $UBER, $TSLA etc., At the open, I watch 6-7 stocks for this setup and switch from 1min to 2min and then to 5min. Please let me know if there are any questions.
  10. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    DAS Trader - BT Summary I was part of the DAS trader - BT which lasted for the entire month of June. I think this helped me immensely as it provided a Psudo Live environment for me to try out all my Rules and Strategies and managing nerves when going fullsize. I started with small sharesize during the first week and slowly ramped it up. It is not Real, nevertheless better than trading in SIM. In this summary, I want to capture the setups that worked for me, Rules, any lessons learnt and finally share anything useful with other members. A. Setups: I am time constrained during the day, so I had to adjust my style of trading so that it I can trade between 9.30-10AM EST. I am happy that I never scalped 1-2c going big share size to increase profit throughout this month. I was careful of not falling into this trap, I managed to stay away from it and traded mostly setups if not all the time. Following is my analysis of the setups I took during BT trading, some of these setups are not unique and overlap with each other. For e.g, Pullback ORB (1-2-3 candles) setup may occur on a Harmonious setup. Or Bullflag pattern may coincide with the ABCD setup. A reversal may occur on a Double bottom that coincides with a bounce off 200MA. Below are some of my most successful setups at the Open: Pullback ORBs (1-2-3 Candles) William's Harmonious setup Fallen Angel Flattop Breakout/Bullflag ABCD setup My most successful setups at Mid/After noon: I don't get lot of time to practice in the mid/after noon market and I am not good at it either. Nevertheless what worked for me was, Hammer Double/Triple Bottom Bounce off 50/200 MAs. My least successful setups are: Wishful Thinking/Hoping: When the setup is no longer valid but I stayed in the trade hoping for it to turn my way. Or I enter into a trade without a defined Stoploss, as a result messed up my Trade. VWAP pullback LONG: Conventional ORBs: Reversal - MA cross B. Trade Analysis: Below is my performance based on Float size of the Stock (Lowfloat vs Midcap vs Large cap) and time of the day. I trade Low priced-Large caps stocks in the same way as LowFloat stocks (for e.g Fallen angel setup). I will create a separate topic to discuss about some of the trades and share it with members. C. WinLoss analysis and P&L: Below is my Win/Loss ratio and P&L comparison. Overall I had 95 Trades for the month (I am happy about not overtrading). 42% Winners with a profit factor of 1.86. The Profit factor was 2.6, until I had 3 consecutive maxloss days and then I reduced my share size very much. D. Rules: These are my Trading rules, they are evolving. Don't hold overnight positions Only one trade at a time (unless there is a Range order to take care of the current trade) Stick to the Stoploss. No Premarket Trading. No Averaging up/down to Losing positions No Early partials, before 1R. Max 4-5 trades per day, mostly 2 trades.No overtrading.
  11. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    June Month Summary: Live Trades: I took only 4 trades this month, I focused on DAS-BT trader this month. I am also planning to fund my account fully soon, I have spent 3 months under PDT rule which is enough. Also, for the probabilities to work, I need to take enough trades (I am expecting 60-75 Trades per month) and it is possible only if I fund my account fully. Good: Good premarket analysis, no FOMO or Revenge Trading. Most of the times, traded only setups. I wait for my setups to appear with Volume, I don't jump in even if it is William's harmonious setup (my A+ setup). Lessons learnt: I traded twice in the premarket on the same day. It didn't work, stopped out with a small loss. I am lucky that whenever I breach any of my rules, I am getting burnt. I am losing money and psychologically, it doesn't feel good. And I am not getting false hopes. All the more reason to stick to my rules. I have been working on my partials, I am trying out All or Nothing (AON) on trades also. Since I had only 4 trades this month, nothing much to showcase, But Partials will be my focus even going forward in the upcoming months. I have included an additional coloumn MFE (Maximum Favorable Excursion) - this provides a view of how far the price moved in my favor on my setup and how much RR i could have got out of the setup. For e.g on 06.Jun, I traded Harmonious setup and got out after 3RRs, the price moved to 10RR, before reversing, so I missed upto 7RRs. I am not trying to squeeze every penny out of my setup, but this gives an indication of how well my setups work. Cumulative Statistics after 3 months of Trading under PDT rule. P&L summary for the month of June'19.
  12. I learnt the hard way that the Stop order/Range order don't work in premarket and postmarket. Nevertheless, I saw the $MU ABCD pattern too, and felt it was pretty good setup. It's just I have a rule not to trade in the premarket, otherwise I would have taken it too. Sequence of red means a sequence of Green coming, per Probabilities. Stay Green.
  13. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    27.Jun.19 - DASTrader - BT Another small Green day. I couldn't spend lot of time at Premarket. Watchlist: $NVDA, $MU, $AAPL ,$AMD and later $SQ. Trade 1: $SQ. SQ was settingup for the 3c setup on 2min, I took long at the breakout. But it failed me. This setup has high accuracy for me, except this month it failed twice. I also failed to notice the shooting star on 1min. would have got out earlier. Trade 2: $AAPL I was really interested in $AAPL today, because it had a shooting star on the daily. I was very short biased. Price opened higher hit 200MA on 5min and dumped (forming 5min shooting star). I missed all this because I was on $SQ trade. Nevertheless, I waited for the price to break down below 200MA (2min) and went Short. It was also 15min ORBD. My target was YY-low (at $197.33), but I exited sooner, as I had to leave. Price went till 197.1 and reversed. Missed most of the move. Entry - $198.19 Stop - 15c (above 200MA 2min) Target - $197.33 Exit - $197.75 (3R) MFE price - $197.1 (7R) I took another small trade on $AAPL towards the close to test Short below MA. Very small share size. Improvement: Manytimes, I noticed that after I am stopped out, price provides excellent opportuntiy to flip (like $SQ today). I am not a flipper, but need to try this. Left money on the table on $AAPL. Today is the last day of the challenge. I will publish the results and analysis next week.
  14. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    27.Jun.19 - DASTrader - BT Small Green day. I have already decided to trade small today, at the Open my mouse was not responding properly too. So just one trade and done. Some days, I just need small green to change the Trend. Watchlist: I had $NVDA, $ROKU, $QD also $AMD and $MU. Later $WBA. Trade 1: $WBA. In the room Andrew called out $WBA during premarket, I liked the daily, so I included that too. Today I was specifically looking for 3C pullback ORB setup. Only $WBA was setting up for that. I took it at the break, volume was still not so great. I exited, no partial, it didn't move much. Found my wireless mouse not responding so I was done for the day. Also noted $CRON setting for the 3c pullback ORB on 5min. I didn't take it because the trade volume was less than 1M at that time. Good: Traded as per plan, small size. Stopped after realizing hardware is not working.
  15. IamKarthi

    Vikramaditya Trading Journal - Live 08Apr2019

    26.Jun.19 - DASTrader - BT Small Red day. May be by the nature of probabiliy, the Green sequence is ending and Red is on. Or simply I am just unable to trade this chopfest. There are no opportunities for Fallen angel, or William's Harmonious charts or 3C setup appearing at the open. I don't trade much after open, so its not good week for me. Good thing, I reduced my sharesize as planned today, so not much harm done. Watchlist: I had $MU (earnings)$AMD, $ROKU, $GIS on the watchlist. Nothing Excellent. Trade1&2: $AMD I noted the 3C setup on 1min. Although I din't like the long downwick on the 2nd candle,went long at the break, I took one partial and then stopped out. I could have got out earlier, seeing the inside candle and 2 long upper wicks on 2min. For Trade 2) After my exit, price clearly bounced off VWAP twice and I took long, got stopped out again. Trade 3: $AMD , Price hit the $30.4 level multiple times and bouncing off on 5min, Took short below VWAP (VWAP breakout) and exited at 50 on 2min. Very small share size. Trade 4: $AAPL opened very strong went upto $201 level, came down to VWAP and bounced off VWAP, I took it long to HOD. Range order stoped me out. Again small size saved me. Trade that I didn't Take: $ROKU. I had a specific improvement plan not to long just above the resistence/short just below the support even with high volume as the price was turning against me immedaitely. I almost took one such trade in $ROKU today, but avoided trading it. Good: I followed my Plan today. I reduced my share size. And took some partials. Improvement: I could have shorted $ROKU instead, but I didn't take it. I noticed $AMD made 2 long upper wicks and created an inside candle, I should have stopped out earlier on Trade 1.

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