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  1. 14.Nov.19 +3r. Another good day. Watchlist. $WMT, $CGC, $CSCO, $QGEN, $KHC. I liked $CGC (Harmonious and ATL) and $WMT (Harmonious and ATH). $KHC was downgraded, downgraded stocks always tend to go down (defintive move). Trade1: $CGC. Poor earnings and at ATL. At the open it couldn't touch VWAP, very weak. I took short on the Rising devil setup. suddenly there was spike on the upside and so I got out most of my position. partialed at 5min low. last part was 20% that I kept to exit at $15.1, but got stopped out breakeven. Trade 2: $KHC. I was watching to get short on $KHC, at the open it struggled for the move, later at 10AM, it made the move. I felt FOMO, but didn't chase it. Later in the day, noted the stock trying to break the level $31.6 mutliple times, when it broke and offered a pullback I took short and partialed at daily level. This is my favorite trade of the day. Trade3: $CGC. was selling off most of the day, finally reversed and broke VWAP. I waited for the bounce off VWAP before taking long. All or Nothing trade at 2R. worked out fine. Good: I felt FOMO in the morning after missing couple of good moves. But didn't chase them. Improvement: $CGC at the open could have been my one and done. I messed it up a bit somehow. Overall OK day.
  2. 13.Nov.19 -3r. Today I addressed one of my key issues (which I will journal as part of Oct month summary soon). When I reach my daily goal, I quit trading for the day. I don't give any money back. But when I hit maxloss, I tend to overtrade (always a temptation to take one more setup, which looks sooo good). Today I overcame this, the moment I hit -3r, I stopped trading. Watchlist: $LK, $DXC, $GOOS, $TSLA Trade1: $LK. Strong earnings, gapped up. Long bias. At the open stock sold off. I took long after the 5min put new HL. Got stopped out twice. Trade2: $GOOS. Strong Earnings. Before the open stock went from Green to Red. Started selling off huge after the open. I took a DB reversal, added after confirmation of hammer, but got stopped out. Good: Today is a test of character for me to stick to my rules, when things don't go well. In the past, after the maxloss, I see some good patterns and take more trades. I made profit, but I overtraded. Today, I hope I turned a corner. Irrespective of what caused the max loss (Choppy Market, slippage, Hotkey mistake, right idea/wrong time or whatever other excuses there are) the rule is to Stop trading after maxloss. And I did that. It may be difficult to understand, but I am happier with my trading today.
  3. Dumb question. Do you not have the saved DAS layout? Usually you have a copy under c:/DAStraderPRO/default.dsk (or under a diff name). Unless your folder is totally corrupted and you are reinstalling DAS, the file *.dsk should be there. I have like 30 layouts under this (created at diff times) for diff purposes.
  4. 12.Nov.19 +3.5r. Watchlist: $DIS, $TSN, $DXC, $AMRN, $CRON. Trade1: $DIS. $DIS was the best in premarket, Gappedup. Looking strong with big Asks on L2. But at the open, it dumped almost 2$ and burnt everyone who was long. I waited and entered after the Doublebottom which also coincided with 200MA on 5min. Partials above VWAP and MA. Added 2 times. First one worked, 2nd one didn't so got stopped out at BE. Without the 2nd add, I would have got another 1$ move. Still my Trade of the day. Trade2: $AMRN: $AMRN gapped up on Earnings, strong at the open and was trending after bounce off VWAP. Once I was back in the afternoon, I saw $AMRN was close to HOD with huge layered Asks on L2. Took long close to 20MA, couple of others were also Long. Took partial at HOD, target was 20.96, it never got there and stopped me out for the last partial. I could have taken another partial at 3r (20.8). Good: Like yesterday, took one Doublebottom and one TT today also. Worked out fine. Improvment: My 2nd add on $DIS was ok, but may be I need to wait for the breakout to the wick for confirmation. Overall I am happy about the trading today.
  5. 11.Nov.19 +2.5r. Didn't complete my premarket routine. Had only 4 hrs sleep last night. So din't trade the open or prenoon today. Took one trade on $AMD at noon. Trade 1: $AMD. $AMD was bullish and trending up although gapped down at the open. $36.2 was a key level which acted as both resistence (multiple times) and support. I took it long after the bounce off this level. Took partials at daily levels. Final partial at 36.55, after lot of L2 actions at 36.5 level. Skipped rest of the session. Good: Traded $AMD only after completing my premarket routine (that I have implemented to bring more discipline into my trading) Overall, happy with my trading today.
  6. 08.Nov.19 Green day. +1r. I had 2 good setups, both after taking partials stopped me out. Could have been... Watchlist: $DIS, $TDC, $WKHS, $BIDU, $QCOM. Trade1: $ROKU. 3Bar play setup on 2min. After partial at daily level, didn't have the juice to popup higher, got the last partial out at BE. Trade2: $DIS. $DIS had strong earnings. I was long biased. Once $DIS formed double bottom, took it long. one partial out at 50MA(1min) then got stopped out at BE. $DIS had been bearish thru the day, so my trade ended up as Fading trade. Trade 3: $BIDU. Failed MA bounce, 50MA on 1min. Good: Two good setup, but both didn't work out for full r. Improvement: I am not using Kyle's hotkey always, sometimes I endup with less shares when I hardcode in the #of shares (like $DIS), so ended up the risk of 0.5r only. Also MA bounce setup isn't working out recently, most cases failed, need to optimize this or skip it for sometime. Overall happy about the trading today, although the daily goal doesn't reflect that.
  7. My risk management plan is pretty similar too. Keeping the risk as a % of Capital is a good method. When the capital grows, the risk automatically increases (without the need to change 1%).
  8. 07.Nov.19 +4r. Today, I traded only $QCOM. Watchlist: $QCOM, $BIDU, $SQ, $ROKU. I liked $QCOM very much esp it being close to ATH. Trade 1: $QCOM. Premarket trade. I took it at the open, as the Earnings was strong for $QCOM and looked very positive. Got a partial and left the rest to exit after the close. AT the open, $QCOM stopped me to the penny before going strong. Trade2: $QCOM. I took long again after price bounced off premarket low. Share size was huge (by mistake) and resulted in 3 times my regular risk size, so I got out quickly near VWAP. This is my trade of the day, because I got out immediately after realizing I was in it more than my risk. Trade3: $QCOM. 89.9 was premarket high. once the stock bounced off this level, took it long and got out at $91. I am happy with the trade. Trade 4: $QCOM. Mid day, took reversal on $QCOM at $90 price level. After struggle for 15 mins, price popped on the upside and got me 2r. Price actually touched my stop, but din't fill me. This time, I was lucky. Good: Just focused on one stock from Premarket to close, it helped. Good trade management. Improvement: Sometimes I keep very small stoploss for e.g $QCOM trade at the open (last trade). I get stopped out and then the stocks move much high, trending. Missed opportunities. Overall I am happy with the trading today. Luck ditched me at the open, but I got it back on the reversal trade. P.S: $BIDU looks much better than other 3 for followup trading tomorrow.
  9. 06.Nov.19. BE. Took only one trade today on $CVS. Just when it was going my way, China news came and SPY dumped, so I got out voluntarily. Watchlist: $CVS, $UBER, $MTCH Trade 1: $CVS. gapped up on good news. Opened strong too. I noticed it bounced off VWAP and trying to break the level 70.56 multiple times, Took it long once it broke the level, it put up 2 strong green candles. Then the news about China came and SPY dumped. Fearing $CVS would dump too, I got out. Sure enough, I would have got stoped out. so a BE trade.
  10. 05.Nov.19 Watchlist: $ UBER, $AMRN, $MYGN, $SHAK. I did the watchlist, took a small premarket trade (+1r) decided not to trade after the open today. I am working on my habit of taking lot of setups and overtrading. That means some days no trading and some days small no of trades.
  11. 04.Nov.19 Red day. -3r. One good trade on $BABA and one mistake on range order (causing 2 losing trades). One trade on $RACE, my fav Red team , where I lost too. Watchlist: $UAA, $BABA, $MCD, $RACE. Trade 1: $UAA. I thought $UAA would be a great Rising devil setup (and not $MCD), but it was $MCD that was very good at the open. $UAA, I took rising devil setup (very small size scaling in). Wanted to get out, but it created a range order. I deleted the wrong range order, so I got 2 losers. Trade2: $BABA. Created a nice hammer (with looong wick) on the 5min, took it long above all resistence on 1min, got out at a daily level. Trade3: $RACE. Gapped up on Earnings. Harmonious and at ATH. I took bounce off 50MA (1min) for TT, but noticed it had formed a Double top, got out. Trade 4: $ROKU. $ROKU dumped all morning, I came back at noon to check the stocks. $ROKU was forming triple bottom. I took Long and got out for 2R as $ROKU was trading weird. Good: Didn't overtrade. Good trade on $BABA (my trade of the day) and $ROKU. Improvement: I couldn't have avoided the mistake on $UAA. It happens. I just moved on to other stocks. Overall, it was Ok day. I ended up red for the day, but liked my 2 trades. I also traded $RACE (Ferrari) just for fun (like I traded $AMZN on earnings few days back - 1 share)
  12. 01.Nov.19 Green day. +2r. Its a local holiday so keeping it light today. Also, after a bad day, the next day is usually worse for me. So didn't sit thru all the trading sessions. Trade 1: $PINS. 30min after the open, noted $PINS forming higher low. Missed the entry a bit. But caught it after the bounce off VWAP. Got out at 200MA 1min. $PINS traded strong thruout the day. Trade2: $X was strong at the open, at HOD and consolidated at $13.4, Breakout trade failed. Trade 3: $NWL AON trade for 2R. Gapped up on daily and very strong today. Potential for lot of pullbacks and some fakeouts. Good: Liked my trade on $NWL & $PINS. Didn't overtrade today. Overall Good trading day.
  13. 31.Oct.19 Red day. -6r. Today, I was not planning to trade, probably that's why I incurred losses, I was underprepared (ie. I had not finalized my watchlist, didn't mute the chatroom, havn't played the music, hadn't started OBS yet). Watchlist: $FB, $AAPL, $LYFT, $W. Trade: $W. $W had gapped down 16% on bad earnings and still selling before the open. But it had Short ratio of over 25%, so I thought it may squeeze sometime. At the open, $W was strong, but soon sold off, I waited for the pullback after big red engulfing candle, got stopped out. I got better entry close to VWAP, still stopped out. Last one worked fine, but didn't dump as I expected. It formed double bottom and I got out for small profit. Trade: $KHC. I had a range order set for profit, I got missed by 4c (for 3r) and stopped out (-1r). Improvement: $W had bad spread mostly 5-10c, but sometimes upto 50c. This lead to being in a losing position imm after entering a trade. today my share sizing was bad leading to more than my max loss. I must stick to Risingdevil or PBBE/3C setup at the open and not trade any other forms in November. These 2 are mostly accurate and my A+ setups. Overall, I was frustrated today.
  14. 30.Oct.19 Green day, +7r. Watchlist: $AMD, $TWTR, $GE & $TUP Trade 1: $TUP - Rising Devil setup. $TUP earnings just before the open. Dumping and setting up for Rising devil. It was Harmonious and at ATL, my A+ setup. Very volatile at the open, but stayed in the trade, trusting the setup. partialed out quickly, as i added twice and had big share size. Trade 2: $AMD - Premarket $AMD earnings yesterday after close. Guidance was bad and so lost 2.5% and gapped down this morning. Took a short premarket and closed it for 1.5r. $AMD - was stuck between $32.3 and PCL whole day, I didn't get the breakout from either of these levels. Choppy. $TWTR - Another red day for $TWTR. it moved within 25c (29.75 and 30$) whole day. $GE - Traded well, bounced off the level 9.7 and moved 70c (that's a lot for $GE). Was late on the PB-BE setup on the 15min. small risk, big reward. $TUP - Glad I stuck to $TUP today, other stocks in my watchlist didn't move as much. Good: No Overtrading only 2 trades. I am more happy about this than the daily goal today. I was able to stick to my rule about not overtrading. on $TUP, trusted the setup although stock was wicky at the open and about to stop me out. Added at the right places. Overall I am happy about the trades today.
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