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  1. Hi Justin, hope you are well and nice to meet you!   I am looking for an expert recommendation, hopefully you can help me!

    I am working on ORB 1-min and ORB 5-min but I have some questions about a good practice for scaling out (partials).  I have been looking at Andrew's trades, and his approach is very intuitive, first he takes his first partial 20-30 cents above the entry and then takes small partials of 10-15 cents.  (i dont know what the scaling out percentage is)

    My big question is if during momentum trading with big sizes, we will focus on gain some cents instead of target prices.  for me is clear that we have to be careful about resistance or support levels, but  I am not really sure if  I should pay more attention in R instead of target prices.  (for instance, if I get 2R, then I leave the trade).

    Sorry for my broken english man, I hope to be clear!

    Could you help me with your experience how can I manage it


    1. Justin


      Hey, I just sent you a PM on this!

  2. Great Justin, thanks for your support! So, so, when a stock has a SSR... can we get that our orders get filled with BID +0.01 and price is going up, right? have a nice Sunday Justin
  3. Hi @Justin Just a quick question about SSR script for kyle's hotkeys. Why are you using BID+0.01 instead of ASK? My understanding is your order will get filled as long the price goes up. Thanks for your support, man!
  4. Hi Justin! Did you solve your question? For some strategies to have identified institutional accumulation/distribution is important. Thanks!
  5. Kinga, nice to meet you! I just read your post about ORB strategy. After one year, could you share me if you had good results?  Thank you! 

  6. Hi man! How are you? Hope you are safe!

    I just read the post about your ORB setup (pull back during min 2)

    after 1 year of your post,  can you share me if you had good results?  It looks great but market changed a lot and I don’t know if you got good results during last 12 months.

    thanks for your comments!

  7. Hi guys! this quick poll is just to know if day trading is a good business for you. it can help us to have a benchmark among us. Names are confidential! Thanks!!!
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