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  1. I had similar question. Please see this discussion: 0 commission with TD is a plus. I think a probable catch with TD is order execution can be slow comparing to IB. I saw complaints about it online. Scalpers like Andrew do need very fast order execution. But if you are trading strategy such as trend following on slower timeframe such as 5min, 10min, order execution is probably not that critical.
  2. I think Andrew and other moderators do have that option checked (including pre/post market hours for VWAP) in their study configurations. If you attend their premarket discussion, you will see the blue lines (VWAP) on their charts and very often they discuss whether the prices are above or below the VWAP during the premarket hours. If premarket hours was not included in VWAP calculation, you would not see the VWAP lines before 9:30am.
  3. Here is another free software WindowGrid: http://windowgrid.net/ if you want to arrange/align your many windows on your desktop.
  4. Ref to this webpage https://dastrader.com/subscribe/. Seems Das Trader Pro will soon work with TD Ameritrade. It should be a good news for for those who have TD Ameritrade accounts. I heard that ThinkOrSwim / TD Ameritrade has issue of slow execution, especially during the first few minutes after market opens. When we place order in Das Trader Pro, are the order executions exclusively managed by DAS Trader Pro, or dependent on the broker? If it’s managed by Das Trader Pro, I understand the order execution should be very fast because DAS Trader has direct access to the market. If it’s still dependent on the broker (e.g., TD Ameritrade), there will probably still issue of slow execution.
  5. From this post, it seems DAS stopped realtime data for futures recently.
  6. I'm using the same keypad and it's great. I use brother label maker to print some labels such as "long", "25%", "50%", "100%" etc. on green and red labels and put them on the keys of the keypad.
  7. TD Ameritrade's ThinkOrSwim has a feature called "OnDemand". It will replay the market at the time you specify (the previous day or earlier, up to a couple of years ago) and let you practice trading. You will need to open an account with TD Ameritrade to use their platform.
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