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  1. That's a great idea @Dapeng Liu! That was the one thing I haven't figured out yet - how to label the keys. I'm currently just using a little chart I printed out and just keep it by the keypad:
  2. Hey guys, I recently got the Koolertron 48-key keypad from Amazon (hopefully I'm not violating any rules - that's an affiliate link actually) and am quite happy with it. It's got tons (48) of keys, feels nice, solid, the software is pretty easy to use to set it up, and it's portable. I did a formal review and mini-tutorial on it and put it on YouTube for y'all: Enjoy!
  3. Im in. Day/time is perfect for me. I work in Concord. And I love Thai food.
  4. Mike B, Amazing detail on your trade plan. Big props to you for that. I have a couple questions though regarding your 15-minute ORB strategy (from your original post): In the Indicators section: 1. You mention 'small share size with high volume' - what does that mean? 2. Regarding 'Has a direction upward or downward (higher highs, higher lows, lower highs, lower lows)' - is that on the 5-minute chart or 2-minute chart or 1-minute chart? In the Confirmations section: 1. Regarding 'No large wicks/candles (wick cannot be larger than body, candles body not larger than ½ ATR)' - is this for the 15-minute candle I assume? Anyway, awesome journaling! You've got lots of success ahead of you. -Jamie
  5. Welcome alexander.razmadze and Destiny! Yeah, there was an official meetup last year. Maybe it's time for another one though... If it's not time for a full on official meetup, maybe we can do a mini meetup. I work in Concord, and am available late Friday morning / early afternoon, or just about any time on the weekend except late Sunday afternoon/evening. Maybe we can find a place that's central to all of us...
  6. Yes, and they're great. I don't really swing trade options anymore (trying to focus on day trading stocks), but I do still have an account with them. Their commissions are great (one cool thing is that there's no cost to close the trade), support is great, and their platform makes it easy to create simple or more complex orders (iron condors, many kinds of spreads, strangles, straddles, etc.). Definitely worth checking out.
  7. In my opinion TWS sucks. But at least it's free (as opposed to DAS). If you're doing spreads it sounds like you're also swing trading options? Have you checked out Tastyworks? It's an awesome brokerage/platform geared toward swing trading options. It makes doing spreads / multi-legged trades very easy.
  8. I was wondering if anyone day trades options with DAS Trader? I want to start day trading options because I can't afford stocks like AAPL, BABA, TSLA, AMZN, NFLX, etc.. But DAS Trader doesn't have the greeks (I asked after looking for them and not finding them). I don't see how/why someone would day trade options without knowing the Delta on any given option. I do have ThinkorSwim with live data so I could use that just to see the Delta and then use DAS Trader to execute the trade, but I'd hate to add the extra steps and have even more software open and running. Does anyone else day trade options? What do you use?
  9. Sorry I missed out. Thursday weekday nights just aren't good for me. If anyone would like to grab lunch sometime I'd be down for that - I work in Concord. I see you're in W.C. David...<hint hint> Jamie from Oakley
  10. 2 questions: 1. What is the dress code? 2. Are any spouses/significant others coming And thank you for setting this up Dima!
  11. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! Finally - a Bay Area meetup - I'm in!
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