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  1. The Chartlog.io email confirmation is not working. Got the email but linked to empty --> http:// Is this open sourced project? I am interested in learning and adding features.
  2. Have you set the thickness of the line to be 2+? At least that was my issue. it was there, it's just that I was not able to see it lol
  3. csxilin

    DAS Trader On Mac OS

    Hello Just subscribed to DAS trader yesterday and was testing it on my PC, as well as my MacBook It seems that no one had tried using WineBottler (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/) to install DAS Trader on their MacOS. WineBottler creates a container for Windows Application to be run like a MacOS application. I just installed it, I have not fully tested it, hope it'll work smoothly.
  4. Hello New member here. I have been trying to day trading on and off for about 1 year. I am having my ups and downs (mostly downs ). Am here to learn for this great BBT community and hope to turn my trading career to reality. Here is my poor man's trading set up: - TOS - free charting and LVL2 - Medved Trader - Free version to execute partials - IB - TWS - to entry trade and exiting full position. The only monthly I pay is for the IB account fee of $10 (waived) + $4.5 data.

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