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Help me build Google Sheet Trading Journal

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I have been slowly burned by the market for 1.5 years now. It's really time to put up a journal to track my own trades.

I am too poor to afford to pay for monthly fees. Please help me review my trading journal on Google Sheet to see if there is any data that you think I should track.


If you are also interested in using my template, go ahead to download the Google Sheet into your Google drive for use.





Thank you


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Are you after something in general or do you mean what to track in relation to your strategies?

In general I only track win/loss ($ per trade, per timeframe (day, week, month, year) & % win/loss for the higher timeframes) and R (Total & per trade). For me really R and win/loss % is the two things you need to control to improve trading but that of course means improving strategies or psychology etc which is where most of the data comes in.

Strategy is partly specific on what strategy you're using and what is important to it, for example some plays may heavily rely on T&S/L2 and some may rely more on levels. What you track is therefore not uniform and so would need delve into more strategy specific.

Psychology is not something I track but a lot do and depends whether you have psychology issues you need to deal with. For me it was only really overtrading so tagging whether I followed my rules or not was sufficient to getting me out of that (seeing stats on rule followed trades vs not). Other than that I'm in tune with whether I don't feel right and so I simply don't trade if I'm sick or whatever.

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