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    • I'm trying to create a hotkey that initiates a long if a price is reached that is below the current price.  And, a hotkey that initiates a short if a price is reached that is above the current price. Clicking the chart should set the price.    I have the code below but it seems like it does the opposite of what I want.   Long ROUTE=LIMIT;Price=Price;Share=100;TIF=DAY+; BUY=Send; Short ROUTE=LIMIT;Price=Price;Share=100;TIF=DAY+; SELL=Send;   I feel like I'm misunderstanding something simple.  
    • i am in Europe so thats why i am up 🙂 if you say that the alt+1 does not work from keyboard then its not a streamdeck problem so alt+1 on streamdeck does not make the difference. it depends all on your computer operating system and adware installed. like on laptops the alt+1 might not be alt+1 or if you have a spanish or german keyboard enabled the number 1 is not 1 so it does not work. how to find out what works. you want to have it on strange and not usual key kombinations. like shift+ctrl+B for buy order for example l. that way writing on the keyboard will not execute orders when your writing window focus is by mistake in DAS
    • I hate to be stupid again, but where did u find all this? I had to create separate hotkeys for each Buy, Sell, etc. I have no separate hotkeys for changing Route or Order Type. These are all part of the developed hotkey per TradeStation. What does ur Stream Deck look like? Thanks.   Hey peterB, Didn't expect someone to be up so early. But doesn't all this beg the question -- why don't my TS keyboard hotkeys work w/ the Stream Deck if they work via keyboard w/ TradeStation? I guess it doesn't really matter which keys I use as long as I can understand the Stream Deck keys. Another dumb question -- How do I find a combination that works w/ TradeStation? I was looking at Marek's setup and can't figure out how he did it.
    • so that is your problem. not the streamdeck. just find a combination that works with your trading software
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