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    • Thank you @Robert H Are you the Robert from Psychology Resources education?
    • @Brendon, I agree with @onosendi comment. Having troubles to close a position can be very dangerous. Can you please explain how you handle it?  
    • Here is a snapshot of the weekly analysis based on October 16th, 2018 COT (Legacy, Traders in Financial Futures) reports.  More trade updates will come in the following post.   For more information on this type of analysis check out the previous posts in the education section of the forum here, here, and there.  Create a FREE account to get access to all previous weekly analysis and educational materials using the registration form found in this page. If you want to discuss further and clarify things, please send me a message to zack@bearbulltraders.com   Zack
    • Here's my buy hotkey for reference: ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send It really depends on the volume, liquidity, and volatility of the stock. Sometimes I get filled right at the ASK, sometimes there is a few cents slippage.
    • Hi Seamus, I'm not sure why my screenshot has no ECN fees listed. I use the +/- 0.05 hotkeys as well. Those by definition remove liquidity (hitting the bid/ask) and are subject to ECN fees. I'm with Interactive Brokers and my per share commission is 0.0035. Total per share after fees (SEC+FINRA+ECN) are about 0.005, so I assume those work out to 0.0015 per share. I believe people with CMEG are paying slightly more than that for ECN.

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