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    • I'm with IBKR and just came across this page with regard to account types and what not - might be useful for other Aussie members looking for info about margin accounts, etc. It says they currently DO offer margin to Australian clients: https://ibkr.info/article/3352 Detailed info on margin accounts for Aussie IBKR clients: https://ibkr.info/article/4370
    • Hi Revilo, I'm in Sydney. I never really come to the forums, I had my own question to pose today about traveling and trading 🙂
    • Hi everyone, I got into trading just before the pandemic and my intention originally was to live a digital nomad lifestyle... I'm probably in the worst timezone for trading the US markets (east coast Australia), lol. But it is what it is.  I'm heading to Europe in a few weeks and while I will trade, it's not going to be my priority. I'm bringing my laptop only and one USB screen. I have a third really big screen I load 4 tickers onto at home and have the BBT chat running in the USB screen, but I used to trade watching just one ticker with the USB screen, so I think I can manage with this. Renting a router with unlimited wifi is about $10 a day, about $450 for my 45 day trip. A friend suggested buying my own router and getting a local plan for Europe. I'll probably do the latter. I'm wondering what other BBT members do when travelling? How much of your setup do you bring with you? And what is your solution for reliable wifi? Thanks!
    • Hi, I am a new member of BBT based in Port Macquarie NSW. I notice that there have not been any posts in the Australian Club for some time. Are there any currently active traders based in Australia?? Regards, ReviloD
    • Sounds good! Will check it out, thanks! 
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