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  1. Hey justin! So im trying to get a hotkey (for futures actually) that buys X amount of shares (contracts) and then use a limit /range order on the average. Im using the following:

    To buy long 2 contracts: 



    And the long range order for 2R is:

    CXL ALLSYMB; Route=Limit;Share=Pos;Price=AvgCost-StopPrice;Price=Price*2;Price=Price+AvgCost;Price=Round2;Route=Stop;StopType=Range;LowPrice=StopPrice;HighPrice=Price;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send;ROUTE=LIMIT


    So my perfect setup would be hotkey to buy 2 contracts or X amount and then another hotkey define 2R / 3R etc....with a stoploss as I would do normally with stocks. Any ideas? 

    1. Justin


      You know... I know absolutely nothing about Futures and Options. So I really can't advise the best course here. I would suggest posting a thread in the forums 🙂

  2. I haven't tested this, but potentially StopPrice=AvgCost*.95
  3. I'm sure a lot of you know already, but DAS released a new version today (version It comes with a ton of changes that you can see here (https://dastrader.com/notice.html ). Some changes I think people will appreciate: Added vertical dragging for chart. Added OCO script to support secondary order of OCO pair. Bug fix - there is problem when clicking on price axis label area when placing orders and alerts Added support for multi-script trigger orders (up to 5). Fixed RVOL column sorting in Market Viewer. Added support for stop orders in quote replay mode. Added more default settings for chart alert. Download link here: https://dastrader.com/docs/das-download-links/
  4. Well with any hotkey you'll want to test in in sim yourself. But I have been using it live to great success!
  5. Hi Justin,

    I saw some green and red arrows pointing up and down in some of the moderator chart. I am wondering what that is and how to show them in DAS? Is it some type of indicators?

    1. Justin


      Hey @letfox

      They are signifying when moving averages cross each other. Sometimes that signifies a reversal in direction.

      If you right click on your chart > Study Config these are the settings I've set:


    2. letfox


      🙏 so much. 

  6. Awesome @Paul aka Aurbano! Two things I noticed... which seem to be completely related to my selfish self! The right hand side of the screen code doesn't seem to work anymore: /* move chat to the right */ #chatAlertsDiv { position:absolute; right:0px; top:0px; width:18%; } #presentationHolderDiv.l-cell { position:absolute; left:0px; width:82%; } And as a moderator, we also have an Admin tab between Trades and Swing.... Any chance to make a special script just for that I can get whatever HTML/CSS you need, if you can't see it on your end!
  7. Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar! Developing your Edge/Playbook through Journaling Every trader has a different personality and style when it comes to trading. What will work for one trader may not work for another; therefore, to find what works best for you, begin to develop your edge through journaling and play booking your best trades. In this webinar, Mike will explain how he track the statistics for each of his trading strategies to validate if it presents an edge in the market. By: Mike Date : Wed, July 22, 2020 Time : 8:00 PM ET Location : Webinar Room (Lifetime Members only)
  8. Sorry for the delay on this @Thomas Clarke If you go to your Profile on the main BBT website, you can change your display name there: https://bearbulltraders.com/profile/
  9. Hi Justin, hope you are well and nice to meet you!   I am looking for an expert recommendation, hopefully you can help me!

    I am working on ORB 1-min and ORB 5-min but I have some questions about a good practice for scaling out (partials).  I have been looking at Andrew's trades, and his approach is very intuitive, first he takes his first partial 20-30 cents above the entry and then takes small partials of 10-15 cents.  (i dont know what the scaling out percentage is)

    My big question is if during momentum trading with big sizes, we will focus on gain some cents instead of target prices.  for me is clear that we have to be careful about resistance or support levels, but  I am not really sure if  I should pay more attention in R instead of target prices.  (for instance, if I get 2R, then I leave the trade).

    Sorry for my broken english man, I hope to be clear!

    Could you help me with your experience how can I manage it


    1. Justin


      Hey, I just sent you a PM on this!

  10. Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar! Different Days, Different Ways – Identify and Maximize Trend Days Have you ever looked backed at a day and said: “Why didn’t I just ride the trend? I’d be so much better off!” Guess what? We all have! As Day Traders, our job is to find these high probability trends and use them to our advantage, as they offer some of the best directional advantage for a position. In this Webinar, I’ll go over ways to identify likely ‘Trend Days’ in the market and how to begin building different setups to utilize and maximize the price action. We’ll cover some Market Profile, Market Internals, Trade Logic and Timing, Indicators, and enough examples to make anyone salivate at all the possibilities! By: Jarad Date : Wed, July 15, 2020 Time : 8:00 PM ET Location : Webinar Room (Lifetime Members only)
  11. Hi Everyone, For those who don't know, every Friday @Aiman Almansoori posts weekly Simulator training ideas! They are based on trending stocks of the day and stocks that our moderators focused on. He chooses two per day, each have multiple strategies to look for, the time to focus on them, a written analysis, and what the catalyst was for the day. It also includes a watch list for all of our moderators from the past week! Check it out here!
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