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  1. Can definitely br reporgrammed as just macro keys. The software should do it for you. If it's not you may be best asking in the Razer forum or contacting their support.
  2. Not a bad idea! You could also watch the last 10-20 min of the pre-market show that's recorded on YouTube. It has Carlos giving out the levels and talking about his top 6 stocks for the day. Then you'll be going into the replay with the exact same "feeling" and setup we all get while being there live.
  3. Can't you just sell 50% of your shares when you hit 2R? That'll give you a $0.00 loss if it hits your original stop loss.
  4. You're missing your Route - also you should cancel any open orders before selling/buying: 50% ;CXL ALLSYMB;Route=LIMIT;Share=Pos*0.5;Price=Bid-0.05;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send 100% ;CXL ALLSYMB;Route=LIMIT;Share=Pos*1;Price=Bid-0.05;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send For your Short hotkey, when you trigger it on an SSR can you see that it creates an open order - just not filled? Because they will only fill when going up in price.
  5. It's the commas. Looks like you're in Italy? In the troubleshooting section of the spreadsheet it mentions European users will need to change the decimal separator from "," to "." Incorrect - 0,01 Correct - 0.01
  6. I would say a mechanical keyboard, because it helps prevent key slips and you know when they key has been fully pressed. Also wired. But whatever fits into your budget. I used the G815 myself.
  7. I would suggest buying a Logitech keyboard that is compatible with their G-Hub macro software. It's always being updated and has a ton of community support.
  8. Have you seen the config options for drawing RR using Fibonacci lines on your chart to help with scale outs and stop losses?
  9. Well that was a success for such last minute! Thought we'd have 6 or 8 but had about 20 people show up! Just goes to prove what an amazing community @Andrew Aziz has put together! Even in a community you may think you're trading alone and disconnected, but there are people just around the block to connect with! Looking forward to seeing the pictures
  10. I lied unintentionally I just looked at my confirmation email, apparently it's under my name. I'll try and change it when I arrive tomorrow.
  11. @littleD @Rishi Yes, I made the reservation under Bear Bull Traders
  12. Andrew emailed me saying 6 or 7pm.... So let's split it and say 6:30? @Randy C City Beer does serve food. They have a full kitchen: https://www.citybeerstore.com/pages/kitchen
  13. I think we should go to City Beer Store (about a 15 min walk from Union Square). They recently opened a new location that's quite large and nice inside. They do take reservations for over 8 people, so if we get some more responses, that can be done. If not, it's still probably a good place to drop in without a reservation. 1148 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
  14. Hey! Let's do Friday drinks I'll brainstorm a place to go tonight and post back. It'll be my wife and I - so that's 3 already! Who else is in the Bay Area?
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