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  1. Been Googling and searching the forums and haven't turned anything up yet. Anyone familiar with a hotkey script that sets an automatic sell stop order at VWAP (or some other moving average of choice)?
  2. Anyone know of a script that will enable me to set up a range sell order by double-clicking both the low and high ends of the range?
  3. Thanks for the confirmation @peterB The use of the stop limit would disqualify its use during extended hours, yeah?
  4. Thanks @peterB That script only works during regular hours and I've recently started using it with great success. What I'm looking for is a hot key method to buy a fixed dollar amount per trade during pre-market hours without anchoring it to a set risk value. Ran across this today. Would this buy $2,000 worth of shares? Route=LIMIT; Price=Ask+0.05; Share=2000/Price; TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send Also curious if there are functions within DAS that would enable the script to be pre-set and fire at a later price level (stop orders are out ... maybe the native alerts / trigger feature?).
  5. I've been scouring Google for this one to no avail. Seems like a simple task, but I'm only a week into studying the DAS scripting language. Say I want to buy $1000 worth of shares at the Ask+0.05. Looking for tips on how to build this. Additionally, is there a way to build this so it fires when a future price level is reached?
  6. Mornin' @Justin I have some feedback on this script you shared. When I hit the hotkey my previous stop did not cancel, 50% of my shares were not sold, and two stop orders were placed on the chart. Check out the screenshots to see what happened. Image 01 Execution Fired = Before hitting the hotkey Image 02 LIZI Position = Total Position on LIZI after hitting the hotkey Image 03 First Test of Script = The chart after hitting the hotkey Ever seen this before?
  7. I wonder if the alert-triggers-order functionality described in this video would serve as a workaround to automate orders during extended hours. Thoughts?
  8. Excellent @Justin Thank you for your generosity. Does BBT offer any resources that would enable some self education on how y'all build scripts like these?
  9. Man that's exciting to hear y'all have the ear of the DAS team. Glad I made the decision to start a membership with BBT. I appreciate you sharing some of your current work, too. In the meantime, I'm thinking the following flow would get me by just fine. Thoughts? 1. Once my 2R target is hit, a hotkey that sells half my position and cancels the stop order. 2. A second hotkey that sets a new stop at my original entry price. 3. A third hotkey that behaves like #1, but sells my entire position and cancels the stop order from #2. I'm certainly curious now - how do you manage your positions once this script has been triggered?
  10. 1. Wasn't sure if DAS allowed some sort of 'server side' scripting so on my end it looks like a stop order, but only gets sent to the market as a limit order when triggered. 2. Yep, you got it! I've got an open conversation with Kyle about this but figured I'd rope you into the idea as well. What would be really great is the bottom = full sell of position and the top = a 2R partial exit of the position ... say 50% of my shares. Fully automated 2:1 system until we've got a real winner on our hands worth managing as it climbs higher (or tanks lower for shorts)
  11. @Justin My suspicions were confirmed. Before the order triggers my 'trigger window' shows the stop and the limit order at the same price level. Once the order hits, the correct stop then shows up in my order window. And it worked like a dream for managing risk across multiple tickers this morning! A couple follow-up questions about your experience working with it: Have you discovered any way to make this script work during extended hours? Instead of the entry triggering a stop order, have you ever played with it triggering a range order?
  12. Evenin' @Justin Really appreciate the detailed walkthrough. I'll take some screenshots tomorrow morning after the bell to demonstrate what I'm seeing, including the order & trigger windows. I suspect my issue was that I was taking a reading immediately after the hotkey sequence without realizing that the the Primary Order trigger needed to hit before I could judge whether or not the script was working on my setup. In the meantime, have you discovered a workaround to allow you to play this hotkey script either pre-market or afterhours? I suspect we'd need some sort of server side script to work around the FINRA rules, but I'm new to DAS and uncertain whether or not we have that level of customization with the program. The bell will ring and fresh wisdom is up for grabs!! Will report back soon. Btw ... both you and @KyleK29 have given me such a positive experience with my first week at BBT that I've been recommending y'all like crazy to my co-workers / trading partners. Feeling lots of gratitude that Uncle Google turned me on to your community. Looking forward to paying it forward!
  13. @Justin -- I'm running into an issue where the Stop Price is being set exactly where my future entry price is. Troubleshooting I've done so far: ensure my montage style is set to 'Stop Order remove the '+' after 'DAY+' (a known issue in similar scripts when CMEG is the broker) Looks like @miked above is running into the same issue. Any ideas what's causing this hiccup?
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