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  1. Jeremy, No. I have no thoughts answering this one. Any pearls of wisdom would be keenly appreciated!
  2. wow - less flicker on the config is working well so far - thanks - will keep other options in mind no white out on INET, ARCA or IEX or ladder
  3. re-install done, and noticed one white window already - on to the next idea! make that 2 as i was typing this!
  4. Good suggestion on reinstalling - that is something that I have not tried as yet. Thanks.
  5. Uploaded the pictures as separate files. I typically use the dark settings on DAS, but their support team had asked me to try the normal setttings - hence 2 backgrounds to the files. Second one also had my ping settings in case that was relevant to the answer...
  6. Is anyone getting an issue where the whole set of either bid or ask orders disappears for a second or two (examples below)? If so, any solutions? DAs are investigating and could only suggest to change my version to the beta version, which does not appeal...
  7. Under the 'Quotes' tab, there is the option to select 'Fundamentals'. Thor had mentioned this, but when I activate this tab I am only getting 6 information fields populated, with a further 14 blocked. This seems true of whichever stock I select (whether NYSE, NASDAQ, whatever) Admittedly, I am operating under BBT's simulator account right now - which might explain this - but was hoping that someone might be able to shed some light in case I have to do something in my settings or just pay for this information feed from DAS when I go live. Any and all guidance would be appreciated!
  8. Thanks Abiel. I had been trying right-click rather than double-clicking.
  9. I have heard a number of comments from other members in the chat room that I would really like to explore further. Some of them are neither contributors nor any other form of BBT 'staff', and I was curious if it was possible to connect with those people directly without shouting out in the chatroom that you wanted to explore their ideas further. Hope I am being clear here (as I am not sure that I am!) Look forward to thoughts.
  10. I only wish that the timing was the market open, where instead the time referenced was NY time. I heard someone mention that this was called the tinhat - but that made no sense to me, hence the query to the forum!
  11. As a new day-trader, I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what happens on many equities at just after 0800 when a spike appears against the equity as a high/low? Typically very low volume transactions, but confused as to what is happening here. Looking forward to enlightenment!
  12. I recently activated the Lv2 Dynamic Scale Bars in the Montage of my DAS. This is very helpful in gauging the relative levels of bid and ask volumes, however under the colour coding of the various price levels there is a second bar (defaulting to red/blue/grey bars) which seems to reduce over a period of time until the order information resets. Example is shown below: Does anyone know what these reducing bars, or their colours, mean? Thanks all, as ever!
  13. Hi there I am based in Somerset in the UK, with hopefully not too bad a lag time to the NY markets. After 21 years in international banking, and a few more as a consultant, fate has dealt its hand and 'day trading' has been the result. Lots of books, dozens of software packages, a lot of time and plenty of simulated losses - and I am starting to feel confident - dangerous, huh?! Having read Andrew's books, and really liked them, I have been using his techniques and strategies. This is getting easier! I am now shifting into real-time simulated trades, and plan to do that for the next 3 months. 2021 will hopefully be a very happy new year, with live trading planned to start if the progress continues. Looking forward to chatting with you all into the future. Hamish
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