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  1. Hey Jeremy, can I ask what your current strategy for swing trading has been? I haven't delved much into fundamental analysis. So I am not the person to ask. Do you use technical analysis much when swing trading? If it were me I would see what see if the indicators fitted in with my overall strategy. If they weren't I would probably try paper trading it to see I could still make a buck off it Don't feel pressured to take the trade, there will always be another opportunity around the corner. Last year I missed out on bitcoin and oil, so unfortunately I'm not writing this from a New York penthouse. Glad to still see you around, isn't there a statistic that 90% of traders have gone bust by this point? We must be pretty good
  2. I have found this too. For trading I find video tutorials much easier to understand than books, or better yet practicing it yourself! Trading reminds me of learning to drive, its a practical thing and you can read all the guides you want. Actually doing it is what counts. Trading is more mindset than anything. It takes nerves of steel to actually execute a strategy and hold to it, without getting greedy or panicking when things go south.
  3. I have made good money from eToro. I know it doesn't have the reputation that many of the more professional platforms do but its free, has a good execution, provides a handful of indicators and has a paper trading option. Plus its free to use. So I have no complaints!
  4. Forex gets its own forum so I think crypto should too. Considering its popularity among millennials such as yours truly. People are making good money off it and the market cap of Bitcoin and Ethereum is insane. I know the forums aren't exactly buzzing but I think not generating a discussion about crypto does traders a disservice.
  5. Exactly Jeremy! In daytrading the tortoise beats the hare. You basically just bet on whether the stock is going to go up or down. But knowing the logic behind it and managing your loses is what separates someone who can rely on trading as a reliable income to a one hit wonder. I'm 22, so to my knowledge I'm the youngest member of the community? My goal is to become pro by the time I'm 25. Ambitious but achievable with commitment in my opinion. I like your optimism and you definitely have a winning mentality for the game. I've skipped all the business plan stuff so far and just focussed on the basics of trading so that I can begin practicing asap. I'll start planning whilst I'm making headway in the sim. You're commitment to bettering the lives of your family is admirable. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.
  6. I am super new to day trading. I've read Andrew's first book and have messed around in simulator's but am nowhere near using actual money. I've managed to save up a lot of money working a regular 9-5 and saving hard. Unfortunately interest rates suck and I thought instead of putting it in the bank or giving it to someone else to invest , I should invest it myself. My goal is just to make a bit of petty cash here and there to afford a weekend in away and go from there. I figure daytrading is just a skill like any other skill, it will humble you, but with perseverance and determination you can master it! Hopefully in a year we'll be able to share our success stories
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