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  1. Thanks. I'll have to give TOS a go since its commission free.
  2. Awesome thanks. Yes Brian said that he was trying out TrendSpider currently but not sure if they do order executions. I have a TD account but have not tried it ToS because of all the problems I have read about. I also wasn't sure if the $100 a month for DAS was needed for swings. I'll eventually get into Day Trading though so it might be good to just get used to DAS...not sure.
  3. Greetings All, I'm just getting started with swing trading and am confused on which order execution platform to use. Which one do you recommend? Do you use an "all in one" that does charting, analysis, news and order executions? I have not started day trading yet so I would be starting from scratch. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you! Scott
  4. Hello BBT! My name is Scott and I live in Omaha, NE. I have a couple of years left until I retire from the air force and want to use that time learning and gaining experience (as a brand new trader) here with BBT. If there are any newbie chat groups, forums, meetups, etc.... please let me know. Glad to be hear and among you all! v/r, Scott
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