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  1. Hello! I am trying to look at some stocks in the replay mode using the free 2 weeks trial of DAS and I am getting some weird results. I attached below a SS of this. For example, I tried to use the Go to button and move from 4:00 am to 9:35 am, but for some reason it moved to 9:40 am (I tried several times and with several stocks and I got the same result). Also, despite the time being 9:41:50 in the SS below, the 5 minutes chart is at its second candle, when it should be at its 3rd and the 2 minute chart is at its 1st candle, when it should be at its 6. Everything looks messed up. Am I supposed to do some configurations before using the replay mode? Can someone help me fix this? Thank you!
  2. Thanks a lot! Why is that the case? Also, if I am to use Equalized Risk Per Trade button, will that at least select the right number of shares (even if it doesn't place the stop order), given the place where I double click (I noticed that sometimes the number of shares bought when I use that hotkey is the same regardless of where I double click, in replay mode).
  3. Hello! I am using the 14 weeks free trial version of DAS simulator and I added the hot keys Equalized Risk Per Trade. If I use them with live data, it seems to be working fine (the stop loss symbol gets placed where I double click, and I buy the right number of shares). However when I use it in reply mode (I used it for AAPL on 23rd August 2021), it doesn't seem to work properly. When using the hot key I see no stop loss mark on my chart. Also when the price went below the place where I initially double clicked, it didn't stop me out automatically. What should I do to fix this issue? Thank you!
  4. Thanks for this. I haven't, I will look into it. Honestly, over the past months watching videos in which they show in practice how to do stuff was more useful for me than reading about it (and eventually seeing some figures), so I would prefer videos. But I will give it a try.
  5. Hello! I would like to do some swing trading to bring my account to 25k. I watched some online lectures on pair trading and it is going fine (still paper trading). I was wondering if you can point me towards some other strategies for swing trading. Thank you!
  6. Silviu

    IB TWS vs DAS

    Uh, it is the M1 chip mac... Have you ever tried (or know someone who did) using a remote desktop option (using teamview for example)? I could have access to a Windows machine that way, but I am not sure if the delay would be too big.
  7. Silviu

    IB TWS vs DAS

    Thanks again! One more thing, do you know how much slower is DAS on a virtual machine? I am using a MAC and as far as I understand DAS requires Windows. Or do you have any suggestions on how should I use DAS under this circumstances (beside buying a windows machine :P)?
  8. Silviu

    IB TWS vs DAS

    Thanks a lot for this! One more question (sorry I just want to make sure I get it all right from the beginning). You said: "if you plan to learn only in sim then you could use tws to see what trading is about. but then you will have new challenges when you will go live and there is a quite big chance you will struggle with the platform and your own capabilities.". I am a bit confused. Shouldn't I learn how to trade only in sim (with live data, of course, but not real money)? Isn't the 100$ DAS version only sim, too? Also, if I decide to continue actual trading (using real money) also in TWS (after doing paper trading in TWS), why would I struggle when starting to use real money? Shouldn't TWS paper trading and live trading be exactly the same in terms of functionalities? Or did you mean that if I paper trade in TWS and then move to DAS I would struggle?
  9. Silviu

    IB TWS vs DAS

    Thank you for you reply! As far as I understand, the main difference is in the fact that DAS has some extra functionalities, that are probably really useful in practice. But it still seems like DAS is about $90 more per month than IBKR Lite (plus the fact that DAS requires IBKR Pro, which adds extra costs for trades, maintenance fee etc.). I guess my question is if this pretty big difference (for someone just getting started) is worth it (I am willing to pay for it, if I am sure that is it actually a good idea). IBKR Lite does offer a trading simulator and live market data. One other thing that confuses me a bit is the difference between Lite and Pro (unrelated to DAS now). It seems like the difference is in the fact that Pro has an API and lower margin rates. But given that I plan on doing day trading and hold the stocks for few minutes, the margin rates should not be a problem. So beside that API, I see no advantage of using Pro. Thank you again for your help!
  10. Silviu

    IB TWS vs DAS

    Hello! I just started learning about trading, so I apologize if my question might be silly (also I hope this is the right place for this question). A few weeks before joining BBT community I made an IB Lite account and I played a bit with their paper trading Trading Workstation app. I read a bit online and as far as I understand (please correct me if I am wrong), even with a Lite account I can subscribe to live market data and Level 2, and overall that would cost about $60-70 per month (for the main ECN's for stocks). After joining BBT, and watching some of the education videos and live trading, I really started to like the DAS layout and functionalities, but I am not totally sure I understand the big price difference relative to IB. For simulator it would be $100 per month while for the actual trading, thorough IB, it would be $150 per month (right?). I assume that the price includes live data and level 2, but IB+TWS seems to offer this for only $60. Also for Lite, there are no commissions for trading or inactivity/maintenance fee. Is the data from IB Lite not real time, even if you subscribe to Level 2? Can someone help me understand the benefits of DAS? Thank you!
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