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Day trading with less than 25k

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Hello! I would like to try doing day trading on a real platform (I have been practicing for more than 6 months), using break of the high of the day strategy. I usually buy once per stock and sell several times as it goes up (assuming everything goes well). I rarely do more than 2 different stocks per day (usually AAPL being one of them). I can use about 10k for now, so I won't be able to do day trading in the USA. As far as I understand there are other options, outside US but still trading US stocks, but with higher fees. What would be the best option for me (as a beginner and given my strategy)? Thank you!

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Have you considered futures?  

I've recorded hundreds of videos over the years discussing venues for trading in "small" accounts. 

My favorites at the moment: 

1) Futures:  Really good leverage, no PDT, and far less volatile than some of the stock tickers I/we usually trade.  Here is a video from a "challenge" I did not too long ago.  As you can see, the results can compound very, very quickly: 


1b)  You can also get involved with futures via a "prop" firm.  I have multiple videos on topic, so if you're interested --- reach out and I'll try to opine when/where capable.  Here is a video to get you started: 


2) Cash Options account:  I love trading options in a cash account.  Options settle the very next day, so any profit you made today, will be available tomorrow for trading.  Using a cash account also limits you to "over-trading" today, because once you've exhausted all of your funds for the day -- you're forced to wait until tomorrow.  

3) Prop-firms that focus on equities:  CMEG and Frontier are the leading firms at the moment, but this has changed (often) over the years.  If you're not intersted in futures, or options, this is -- effectively -- the only way to go.  


In any case...  I have almost a decade of experience trading in "small" accts...  Feel free to ask questions if desired.  




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