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  1. Good morning. Where is the Trading Workshop being held? Looking to know where the best place to stay might be? Thanks
  2. I visit Vancouver often to go to the jazz clubs. I would certainly be open to a meet up if schedules work.
  3. Steven,-Can we plan for something in January? My schedule changed and the 9th will not work for me anymore. Sorry for the change. I will be back in Seattle in mid-January. Thanks-Al
  4. That works for me. I stay near the Space Needle. Do you have an area (and a restaurant) that you prefer? Once we have that, I will more broadly open it up. Thanks!
  5. Any BBT Members in the Seattle Area interested in meeting up for dinner Friday or Saturday night? I am coming down from Alaska and would love to connect with anyone in the area that is interested?
  6. Weary Bear... Please understand that there is not any community that has it all "right". I put a reminder in my calendar that notifies me about 1 month out from renewal. The value of the community, the education, the accessibility to the moderators, the book club, the meet ups and the new Trading Terminal, out weigh any inconvenience of having to remember to renew your membership. I encourage you to renew and lean into all the great things this community offers.
  7. Hi BBT... Is there a central calendar that all BBT Meet Ups can be found on? I have often thought I would like to attend any happening in the US or Canada, but do not seem to hear about them until it is too late to make travel plans. I am thinking that I am looking in the wrong places. Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone! Problem solved (I think) @SpoyThe issue was the levels on the L2 Config page... @peterBMy screen shot was at 5:35 understandably early. (It was just when I thought of capturing the screen shot lol -I wont let myself take a trade to 9:40 so I get pretty antsy from 5:30-5:38 lol)
  9. Thanks Peter - maybe there is nothing wrong, just when I watch Thor and see is screen the depth on his L2 always seems much deeper (longer).. I was just checking. Thanks
  10. I am trying to see more depth in my L2. I seem to be getting limited depth. Here is a picture of what I am seeing. Is there a addon of configuration setting I need to adjust? Thanks!
  11. Thor-Great webinar tonight. When I try to configure my level 2 I am not seeing the same screen as you shared. I cannot find the quote size highlight key that you referenced. Can you help? I am attaching a screen shot of what I am seeing. Thanks!
  12. May I get the address for the BBT Office? Sounds like a great meet-up!
  13. Interested-Please send details. I will fly down from Alaska. Thanks
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