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  1. Hello @Dimah Marhoon! I heard you mention in one of your YouTube videos that you used a simulator prior to going live. Were you able to execute hotkeys the way you would in live trading? I'm trying to use the first hotkey on this list, but the order for my stop loss doesn't appear, only the purchase. Any tips or where in the forums I would go to find that info? Thanks! Fiona
  2. @koreanwon97 I have the same issue. By chance have you find any solutions you'd be willing to share? Thank you!
  3. Hello @Thor! In your YouTube video about highlighting Level 2 lots at minute 2:34 you go to a section labeled "Quote Size Highlight" but my DAS Pro (and others on the YouTube video as well) are struggling to find it. Any recommendations on how to add that field? Thank you for your help! I appreciate the info provided in the YouTube videos.
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