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  1. I was trading PUTs on AMC with my girl's Robinhood account, so I caught the initial drop with her, and then I made goal on DAS.
  2. Hey Billy Jenkins, This is probably what you are looking for. It isn't a complete script, but it should be an easy implementation for your needs. Good luck trading, Bailey Nevener
  3. I've been getting in a REALLY bad habit of "entering" several times in a 3 second interval. Its from the desire to have massive share size. Which obviously worked well in this example. I need to work on sensitizing myself to the correct mechanics in trading again. I feel very impulsive in my movements. One entry, one click. When I add, one click, press the stop loss button etc. Sometimes things just get so fast that I feel very in control, but I certainly am not. I am lucky I didn't mess today up. I only ever had a max drawdown of $200 or so on the day. So the gain wasn't just massive share size, I did it with very little risk. I am just feeling like I am getting reckless. This sensitization can be solved with DAS replay by preforming the known entries and exits purposefully in a controlled manner. Several clicks at each entry is something that I cannot work with over time. I must solve this issue.
  4. I taught my girlfriend the strategy and she killed it today. She accidentally barely had any shares at the low entry, but it was awesome to watch.
  5. Hey fellas that concludes my PCT Sim trading. I blew up the simulator account twice lol. Thankfully it was not a live account. The risk controls kept randomly turning on and off, so I had two large red days. I never trade in a live account without risk controls for this reason. If you take out the two huge red days my profitability was rather consistent. I missed a couple of TraderVue days, but you can see the overall trend here. I have been looking for a house while this challenge has been going on as well as going to school, so my attendance has been very sub-par. When I get the house I will probably switch back to a live account, but until then I will continue to trade in a simulator. Overall the challenge was a nice demonstration that (with proper risk controls) the open range breakout strategy utilized with my style is consistently profitable. I wish that I didn't have two blow up days, but I don't know if I will ever not need the risk controls to prevent them. I wake up very tired at least 1/20 days of the trading month, so it is inevitable that on one of those days I will make very bad decisions. I acknowledge that I need risk controls to be a profitable trader, fine with me! Thanks for reading.
  6. Not a lot of energy in these videos lol, but its just a running record of what happened. One day there will be spark! Date July 12, 2021 Status (Live/Sim/PCT Sim) PCT Sim
  7. Looking good! I've never used Fibonacci for my trading, any consistency with it?
  8. Wow that's awesome! I'll have to give chartlog another try.
  9. How are you tracking your stats to know if they are statistically profitable?
  10. Date June 22, 2021 Status (Live/Sim/PCT Sim) PCT Sim Performance Questions What did I do well? I didn't lose all of my money during the premarket trades. I correctly read the price action of AMC going through the opening price. (in contrary to Andrew Aziz's entry long ) Normally I would have entered long, but all of the other factors including the flow of the time and sales did not green light the trade. (getting a little experienced) What could I have done better? I could have decided not to trade since I started the trading day past goal amount. This is generally when I blow up. Psychology Questions What's your performance pressure out of ten? ( 0 = too comfortable; 10 = too anxious) 5 Is the current way I am trading going to lead to long term success? No, I need to not trade premarket. Best thing for me to do is to keep DAS closed until I have brought up Stream Labs and am already recording.
  11. Oh wow I've never been in an advanced trading seminar. That sounds legit. Well hopefully your efforts toward algo trading will bear some consistency for your trading. What are your main strategies for trading right now?
  12. Hope all is well with your trading academy Rob!
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