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    • So my friend simply said you need to open the hotkey window in your main monitor, then you can move it over to another monitor.
    • Hello, was there any further word from DAS on this feature? Thanks. 
    • Hey @Martin D @PeterD, I also live in Melbourne. Peter I live about 10 min from where you were based. Must of drove by multiple times on the way to the beach.
    • Hello,   Thank you all for the positive comments! I've made a few more sheets in the same style for three more strategies.   Here they are: 1-Minute Opening Range Breakout (ORB) 1_MIN_ORB.pdf Rising Devil Rising_Devil.pdf Falling Angel Falling_Angel.pdf   I personally have taken very few Rising Devil and Falling Angel trades, but they are strategies I want to practice. So bare that in mind and use these sheets as supplementary, "at a glance" information, to the content provided on the BBT website and YouTube.   Here are the videos I grabbed the examples for the Rising Devil and Falling Angel strategies from:   Meir Rising Devil Recap: https://youtu.be/uhgZ7ohqExI Thor Falling Angel Recap: https://youtu.be/Q1oCiT1hOug      
    • @Justin I logged-in this morning, and the hotkeys did pop up normally, but then the second I opened up the Hotkeys window, same blank screen with scroll bar, but no data visible. I expanded the Hotkeys windows to all the three windows, but still the same issue.
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