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    • Hi Matt,  Hope you are doing well. I speak french and I am interested to join the group. You can reach me at [email protected]. Au plaisir!
    • Hi, is there anyone who is with Interactive broker & filing tax on their own? Interactive Broker Tax statements 1099 & 8949 sent to IRS has Wash Sale disallowed even for MTM 475 traders (I have filed MTM 475 & 3115 in prior 2 years). On Turbo Tax Form 4797 for MTM 475 traders, they asked for Gross Sales & Cost Basis. I am not sure where to find this number on IBKR statements that correctly include Wash Sale. Anyone had experience?
    • Hi all Question regarding using the simulator during the training phase. I go through the process of picking my Stocks) isn play pre market then plan and trade it in my simulator (TOS) however once that is done what should I keep working on on the simulator to improve my overall trading? Should I buy/sell/set stops constantly to get used to the hotkeys, should I be looking for trades at different times of day practicing new strategies or should I just trade as if I were trading for real with my real amounts/$risk? Advice as to best maximize the use of the simulator  is appreciated   Thanks
    • I have been having success with vwap pullback trades lately. I'll keep it short and sweet What I saw in this setup was a strong 5 minute bullish candle and a 50% pullback to vwap. This aligned with pre-market high, holding the 9ema on 5min trend, above R4 and holding previous day high. Stop was below R4, target was R6, HOD, then a large liquidity grab at 170. Gave about 3-4R.  
    • I used CMEG back in 2018-2019, I was one of their first accounts, they have been known to change their process without warning. They initially had no end of day wind-up closing positions on margin then randomly one day with no notice liquidated my positions. Things probably have changed a lot since then but you may need to give them a call and go over everything you are wanting to do before you do it. They also complained about providing an end of year statement when I requested one. I have since moved to IB and have been reasonably happy.
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