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  1. Hi all, I am curious if briefing.com is worth it for the In Play and In Play Plus subscriptions. I know some brokers provide In Play as part of what you get, but unsure which ones of those they are. Any insights into this would be helpful. I am currently working on developing a more well-rounded evening and morning routine for earnings season in general.
  2. Yep. We'll see if it fails to break above or fakes out and breaks lower. If it doesn't fail or fake out, then it'll be interesting to see how much more it goes. What concerns me is the slowdown and then the drastic pickup in economic data. When things whipsaw like that in light of the tight labor market etc., it signals caution to me. Also the rebound is steep and so i still suspect around 50% retracement. I'm currently short term swing trading with options at the moment until i see a clear break lower then i'm going to go aggressively short like i did in October and December and then wait for the trend to develop downward, if any.
  3. ecadaret

    Newly Proposed Wall Street Tax

    Hi all, I saw this article yesterday. The tax is fairly minimal, but what i think is silly is that it taxes all traders and it blames "high frequency trading" for the volatility of the market. We all know that the markets are volatile because of institutional traders making their moves and that is what drives the prices in significant ways. Everyone else joins in for the ride and try's to capitalize. I am not sure if similar bills like this have been proposed in the past (i am sure it has). Curious what ya'll think. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lawmakers-introduce-bill-to-tax-wall-street-211353714.html
  4. Common VOIP that is being these days is Discord and as far as i know, it's free. I am also interested.
  5. Hi all, Want to see what everyone is thinking on the market direction. To me, i view it as a Triple Top and we are in the Distribution Phase of the market cycle and i think we likely will be heading lower and still in a bear market. Also, the S&P is hitting the 2800 area level for the fourth time in recent months and it's proving to again be resistance. If you look back into early 2018, we see this level multiple times again. Lastly, V-shape moves are rare and generally speaking, there is a retrace to 50% and can continue lower after some consolidation. Thoughts?
  6. Hi all, I think it would be helpful if we pool together our knowledge of trading education seminars, conferences, and online classes outside of BBT that people found/know of that are worth everyone time. I know for those who trade through their own S-Corps these would all equate to tax write-offs which has tax advantages. I'll start off with google searching results, but I am not knowledgeable on these so I'm hoping for those with experience and their input. Conference: https://conferences.moneyshow.com/tradersexpo-las-vegas/ Courses per topic: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/active-trading/061214/best-daytrading-schools.asp
  7. What are you using for your trading analysis?
  8. Hi all, I am curious if i finalize my watchlist if i can in turn set that list into my Trade Ideas and so the scanners (Turbo Breakup, etc.) only show the data coming in from those on the list. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thank you! -ERik
  9. ecadaret

    LOS ANGELES - Meet Up

    I am not opposed to the current location. If we did move it to be more near LA, I think there are lots of options in Anaheim or Long Beach that would shave off 30 mins for the LA folks.
  10. I think both of your hotkey work is really great. I will be incorporating this myself soon. So far been clicking in the simulator, but i want to start getting used to using hotkeys.
  11. ecadaret


    Great! I look forward to reading it. So far, can you copy and past (or export in general) your trade log into Edgewonk like Tradervue?
  12. ecadaret

    Swing Trading-ish Books

    Hi all, I figured i would post some books i have read that overall have added to my knowledge base and assisted me in becoming a better trader (a never ending exciting journey!). They also helped me convince my father there is a better way to use the stock market for accumulating wealth if you are disciplined and "survive the learning curve" as Andrew and others would say. These books lay out principles that i find useful in swing trading. If anything, they are a good refresher for those who already know technical and VAP analysis. 1. Charting and Technical Analysis - Fred McAllen 2. Trading the Trends - Fred McAllen 3. A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis - Anna Coulting For those who are interested in using Options to swing trade, the book below is essentially the main reference to start with even though it's "advanced". It's by far the most thorough book out there I have come across and also has a good reference list to identify more digestible books to switch too if it goes over your head. NOTE: Options trading is much, much more complicated than standard Long/Short shares outright swing trading. You should expect to dedicate a lot of time to learn how to trade options before you take trades using options. It's a whole other ball game in managing risk and defining a target price (and you have to estimate volatility aka "speed" of price movement; another layer of complexity!). I am still learning after about two years of reading since i started out investing beyond buy-and-hold with Options and there is still A LOT more to understand. Simulators that you can use to practice with Options are Think or Swim (TD Ameritrade) and I believe DAS Trader (costs more @ $170/month instead of $150). Once you understand it and build ample experience in a step by step fashion, it can be a very useful tool in many ways in a variety of market conditions and scenarios. It suits weekly - years long time scale trades. For me, it's another trading tool that i would like to understand and incrementally master over time to diversify my trading skill set beyond Long/Short shares for intraday and short term swing trades. - Options Volatility and Pricing - Sheldon Natenberg Happy learning! -Erik
  13. ecadaret

    LOS ANGELES - Meet Up

    YFNspiderman82. I don't see it on the calendar yet and curious if this is still a GO.

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