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  1. I'm a new lifetime member, and I have joined the OC meet ups before. I have been trading for two years now, but unfortunately, I am still negative with my accounts. I have very bad habits; these are not respecting stop loss and risk management. I have always looked for a Day Trade/ Accountability Buddy for the past two years, but the closest I found was an option trader. I trade every day, but with very inconsistency, resulting multiple small green days and a big red day in an infinite cycle. I'm looking for someone to check me and vice versa. I simply want to make sure that I'm not blowing up my/our accounts anymore, after all we do not have unlimited capital at our disposal. It is hard to be a Day Trader after two years of experiences, I think we can all agree on that. You not only have to execute trades, but also analyses, risk control and constant reviews for better quality set ups. At the same time, being accountable your family. For this Day Trade/ Accountability Buddy, I want to make sure we are consistent, and someone who understand and motivates you. I would prefer someone nearby my location so that we can have proper conversation, or meet up to evaluated weekly, monthly, or quarterly results. I want to find someone to report to and work toward the same goal, you should be committed to make this an income for yourself, and to become independent. If you are interested, please let me know. I am open to suggestions too.
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