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    • I recall hearing that someone in our community was archiving the daily Trade Ideas pre-market scanners here in the forum. If so, can someone please provide the link? If not, would this be something that would be easy for one of our moderators to do?
    • I'm looking for this hotkey too , it is important because the buying power is not constant ( if you have an open position consume a part of your buying power the next trade you'll take will have the rest of BP while your equity is always the same in specific day ) btw  up to the limits of my knowledge there is no symbol for Equity to be used in the hotkey formula 
    • @Jennifer Olson Thanks!! I've been getting my butt kicked recently though lol.  I swear right when you feel like you got it figured out, that's the exact moment you just lost it.  Hope all is well, I'm always down to chat about price action, hit me up anytime!
    • Sorry all, I'm finding it difficult to find the time to post here since starting PCT BootCamp. Had to test hotkeys and make charts in DaS Demo for PCT. Now I am Journaling in Chartlog, Tradervue, My Playbook in OneNote, and compiling my "Official" PCT TradeBook. Maybe once I get the hang of ChartLog I can get back to consistently posting here.
    • Your recaps are great Chris!!
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