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  1. I will be there. Can't wait to see everyone, I might have a jet lag by that day coming from Paris, but I can make it.
  2. Thank you YFNspiderman82 for your consideration for SD people. See you guys then.
  3. I'm in, looking forward to meeting some of you guys again. I missed the SD meet up last time. Keep us posted. Thanks. Anarizza
  4. I hope I can make it, I have friends coming from out SF.
  5. I might have to bring my hubby, long drive for me from San Diego...:) Can't wait to see everyone.
  6. I'm from San Diego too and I can definitely go for LA meet up. Weekend is fine.
  7. I live in San Diego and would like to meet some of you guys. May will be fine. I hope we can decide on the date soon.
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