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  1. quisiera confirmar, pero tengo una cita durante ese tiempo. Los veo la próxima vez. Que tengan una buen junta
  2. im in for Friday. Ill be driving down from San Bernardino County
  3. 6/9 works for me. I’m going to pencil it into my calendar in anticipation of it working for most everyone.
  4. Andrew, we’re waiting for you to set a date when you’ll be in town so we can plan around that
  5. Hey True, im running DAS on parallels with zero lag as well. Ive dedicated the max amount of RAM to the parallels side and it seems to be functioning as it should.
  6. @adventuredogLA i live in the high desert on the way to Vegas. Andrew, should we all agree on a place/time in late May so we can all shoot for it and you can solidify it on your calendar? I have clients I can always go see in the LA area, so it wouldnt be a stretch to drive down for the day and meet all of you fine people.
  7. Anyone in LA up for a meet-up? MEETUP DETAILS 6/9/2018 7pm Acapulco Mexican Restaurant in the Pacific room 722 N Pacific Ave Glendale, CA 91203 RSVP to me at [email protected] and I’ll get a head count going.
  8. Hey MS. It appears as though i have the same set up a you do, however i can almost set my watch to the DAS SIM freezing on me at least once per day on average. Ive dedicated the max amount of RAM to the windows side to make it run as smooth as possible, but at this point its frustrating to be in a position only to not be able to close it out because the SIM froze. Any ideas?
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