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  1. It was my understanding that holing QQQ for more than one day doesn't work because it gets "recalibrated"? Can you provide some information on that?
  2. Trying to find ways to practice swing trade set ups and look for entries but for days in the past (3 mos+ in the past). Anyone know of a way to find key stocks at any given point in time? For example, I want to go through a market replay from July 1, 2021 and practice an entry, then fast forward to see how I would have done. Just need a way to scan for stocks on this day. Thanks!
  3. Have you grown these account with swing trading or options? If both, how much of each? How long did you paper trade before you tried growing these accounts?
  4. why not trade 1 share at a time when starting out and gradually increase share size so you never have to make the jump from sim to real? Seems like a decent way of being able to overcome the transition from paper trading to real trading.
  5. Hello! My name is Cameron, I'm 32 from Southern California. I work with a Real Estate Investing company by day, and novice day trader by morning ;). I've been curious about trading for a couple of years, and have been intrigued by the stock market for longer. At some point in the last month I decided to give it a good honest effort. I'm still tentative about things and paying overhead without first seeing if I can really hack it in trading. I am looking for other individuals that need accountability partners and are willing to answer questions along the way. I work very hard and know that there is a way to succeed here.
  6. Hi Everyone, I recently joined. Trying to find my way through the ocean of information. Would love to do lunch if anyone wants to meet up. I'm in Huntington Beach. Thanks!
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