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  1. @Richard Lee Today is your lucky day. Use this in the Checkout. It expires in September BBT20
  2. Can you guys try to hold down CTRL and pres F5 and see if that fixes it for you?
  3. @hailchaser2 We do not have direct access to DAS so we can't see these trades made on your mobile. No one has asked for that feature yet but we can sure add it! I'll add it to our backlog. Also, if you ever need to reach us, feel free to send an email to support@chartlog.com
  4. @GaryBB Hello Gary, We are going to start expanding to other platforms soon. Right now it looks like our next target will be TOS. Follow us on twitter @chartloginc for announcements regarding new features etc.
  5. @steven Hello Steven, Thank you for the compliment! The features you mentioned are actually planned for this year. We will get them out sooner than later. Our development cycle is fairly quick and as soon as we settle in to the new year you can expect releases every 2 weeks.
  6. Hey @maher yes we are aware of this. We had some initial talks with Karen from DAS but shes extremely busy right now traveling. We will be trying to setup a meeting with her soon. Also, regarding the performance issues comment, there is no need to worry. It has no impact on performance. DAS generates a new log file each day so they never get big. We will be working on direct API access as soon as Karen frees up.
  7. @JC can you please send an email to support@chartlog.io with more information? Please specify which days have duplicate trades
  8. @Justin Here's a little sneak peak into what will be released later this week Deleting trades is on our radar. For now, you can try to implement your own solution by using tags. Otherwise you can stay tuned for when we release the delete trades feature
  9. Hello @Blake Harder, Thank you for your bug report. You will be happy to know that I've patched the bug and fixed your trades. Take a look at your account now and you should see your trades fixed for your AXP positions. If you run into anything else, do not hesitate to let us know. Thanks!
  10. For anyone running into the empty confirmation link bug . The issue has been identified. It only affected users who tried to open the email in MS Outlook. The bug has been patched and fixed! Thanks for those of you who reported the issue.
  11. @John Bogert thanks for reaching out! I've wiped your new account so you can try to re-signup. We've had this bug occur with only one other user and he was able to signup successfully after the second attempt. There seems to be something wrong with our email providing service Amazon. We are going to disable confirmation by tomorrow while we figure out exactly how to fix this. Could you be so kind as to forward me the email? adrian@chartlog.io
  12. Hello everyone. I would like to alert everyone of a bug that is currently present in production. It occurs when a user resets his DAS path and the uploader tries to re-upload all of his/her trades. If this scenario occurs, the user will be unable to upload any new trades. The reason this is happening is because the uploader tries to re-upload all the trades at once. Since most of the trades will be duplicated, none of the trades end up being saved. The idea was to prevent duplicates from being saved; however, it seems we shot ourselves in the foot! If your trades are not importing, please message me and I can help you. - The fix has already been coded up and we are currently testing. It will be released no later than Sunday. Happy trading! - Adrian
  13. Just a heads up to everyone. We are on track with releasing our next feature set this weekend. If things continue going the way they are, we may release a little early. Look forward to Complete Journaling - Ability to reflect on a position or entire trade day. Ability to upload screen shots @Alastair Mowatt. Ability to format text with bold, italics, headers, etc Multiple Accounts - Ability to manage multiple accounts and view data per account. Think sim vs live @Jared R. Expanded search functionality - Ability to search positions from any screen Average Entry vs Average Exit - Ability to see your average entry price and average exit price per position. @Konstantin M This one is for you Looking forward to releasing this for you guys and hope it helps you on your journey to becoming better traders!
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