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  1. Looks like the options side over here at BBT is dead Makes sense... I was wondering if any of you awesome day traders know of any good sim platforms for options trading. I've been trying to learn about them but I don't think things will really start to stick until I'm actually able to make trades and see them work.
  2. Hello all! First post here.. I recently went live Monday with CMEG and have quickly realized the differences between SIM and LIVE. I've started off small with longing/shorting 100 shares per trade. In the last two days it seems most of my winners are around $10 dollars; however, each trade carries a $3.39 commission off the bat. It seems the commission structure is a flat fee under a certain amount of shares. If I win two trades and have two small losers I am red due to my commissions. Take for example Trade 1: Win $8.00 Trade 2: Win $10.00 Trade 3: Lose $5.00 Trade 4: Lose $5.00 That's a total P&L of $8 but with 4 trades that's (3.39 x 4) = $13.56 in fees and thus brings me to a red day of -5.56 I have a total of 1000 in my account and so my targets for profit are .05%-1% of my account. That is $5 or $10 respectively. In order to be profitable with this account size either all of my trades have to be winners or I have to risk more. I'm a bit frustrated as it seems like trading a small account and minimizing risk is a lot more challenging than trading a larger account would be. A 10 cent movement for me will yield $10 dollars while a 10 cent movement for 500 shares will yield $50 dollars and give you much more head room to absorb commission fees. I'm not sure where to go from here other than going back to sim and saving enough to be able to risk more money and keep my risk size low, or just risk more now.
  3. Just starting to switch from TOS to DAS. The impedance is a drag.

  4. Looks like double clicking on the actual account you want to trade with will open up the summary.
  5. It seems the `Account Report` option has since been removed from the `Tools` menu. Does anyone know where it is?
  6. Hello, to all. I've just joined the group and am enjoying all the resources. I'm aware that there are several off shore brokers that don't enforce PDT; however, I'm having trouble finding the legality of a US citizen actually using these platforms to trade. EG I'm looking at SureTrader which offers 6x leverage. I have a 10000 dollar account and something like this would be invaluable in helping me grow my account. Are there any US based traders here who use offshore brokerages?
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