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  1. Yes that is helpful! Thank you! So just to clarify, are you saying that this it does not work the same way in the live (non-demo) version? (I have not started live trading yet)
  2. Hello, I just started sim trading this week, and I keep getting hung up on something. I have figured out how to buy shares (long in this example), and then I was able to add a Stop Market order to sell those at a certain price. However, if the stock price moves up and I want to exit at my target price, I have to cancel my Stop Loss order before I can sell. I think this makes sense, in that I cannot have 2 open sell orders on the same position, but how do we work around that? Do I just cancel the stop loss before I sell every time? Can someone point me in the right direction on this? Thanks so much! -Brandi
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