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For all things and Day Trading in the SoCal area. Post your trades, recaps, coordinate a meetup, or ask a question of other BBT Traders in the Southern California area.

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  2. Hi I'm in Torrance and i was looking to join any group . if you accept me pleas DM me
  3. HI I was looking for any one to help me with trading / review my trades and help each other out and improve. I started last year in June and I am having a hard time to have consistent profit, I have DAS platform. I'm in Torrance, CA , if someone is nearby or interested. I am willing to communicate via Zoom or other live methods. Thank you in advance.
  4. contactjknight@gmail.com I live in Pacific Beach and would love to attend any meet-ups that may occur along with introducing myself to the local San Diego Traders.
  5. micmcca@gmail.com I am in Coachella Valley...and seemingly all alone.
  6. Sorry if this isn't allowed so no big deal if you delete it, Mike. We have started a San Diego traders Discord server to make organizing in person meetups easier and share trades in a smaller group. If anyone wants an invite to it, you can reply to this thread with your email and I'll send you an invite. If you don't feel comfortable posting your email, the forum does have a private message function. Send me your email that way.
  7. @yenhsu I'm in the area. I would be happy to be your accountability partner and give you feedback. I have been day trading for 1.5 years and recently found my consistency with everything but non-low floats but I still have plenty to improve on (over trading, patience, etc.). PM me.
  8. I'm a new lifetime member, and I have joined the OC meet ups before. I have been trading for two years now, but unfortunately, I am still negative with my accounts. I have very bad habits; these are not respecting stop loss and risk management. I have always looked for a Day Trade/ Accountability Buddy for the past two years, but the closest I found was an option trader. I trade every day, but with very inconsistency, resulting multiple small green days and a big red day in an infinite cycle. I'm looking for someone to check me and vice versa. I simply want to make sure that I'm not blowing up my/our accounts anymore, after all we do not have unlimited capital at our disposal. It is hard to be a Day Trader after two years of experiences, I think we can all agree on that. You not only have to execute trades, but also analyses, risk control and constant reviews for better quality set ups. At the same time, being accountable your family. For this Day Trade/ Accountability Buddy, I want to make sure we are consistent, and someone who understand and motivates you. I would prefer someone nearby my location so that we can have proper conversation, or meet up to evaluated weekly, monthly, or quarterly results. I want to find someone to report to and work toward the same goal, you should be committed to make this an income for yourself, and to become independent. If you are interested, please let me know. I am open to suggestions too.
  9. Mike, I think it would be a good idea to share stories and mingle. Friday PM preferred. For now, even Saturday works. Thank you for leading. Trader_Raj
  10. Hey everyone, I had a trader reach out who is new in the LA area with an idea of putting together a Zoom meetup this weekend. Please email me if interested. We have a couple of drinks, a few laughs, and share some crazy social distancing stories. We could have it Friday evening or sometime on Saturday. mike@bearbulltraders.com Mike B.
  11. Hey fellow SoCal traders, It has been about 4 months since our last meetup (Irvine) and about a year since we were in the northern area of LA. I have been in discussion with William H., he will be in attendance at our meetup and is searching for a venue in the Pasadena area for Saturday July 27th. This should allow for traders to travel from the surrounding areas. He brought up a great idea of not only doing a meetup, but also adding some specific talks about trading and ideas to share between everyone. So, the theme of the meetup is “Bring a Discussion Topic, Get a Drink”. If you know some good venues in Pasadena, suggestions are always welcomed. Date: Saturday July 27th, 2019 Time: TBD Location: Pasadena, venue TBD Theme: Bring a Discussion Topic, Get a Drink Attendance: Open to everyone including Non BBT Members. Please sign up using the attendance sheet link below. BBT will be providing some type of swag for those in attendance. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12ci7MxUZ6Kr28D14UQcIDu8CY_JQGbsg/view?usp=sharing
  12. WHEN - FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2019 TIME - 8pm WHERE - BJ's Restaurant 13130 Jamboree rd Irvine CA 92602 714 665 8595
  13. Looking for recommendations and suggestions on what everyone would like to see in the Club Site.
  14. Add questions regarding any Day Trading Topic.
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is the link to the thread about the Meetup going February 1st. Albert will be posting the location and time once it is confirmed. Current attendees look like 1. Andrew 2. YFNspiderman82 3. Mike B. 4. Nick Abrams 5. jvargas2108 6. Ryan P 7. Trinity 8. ecadaret 9./10. ShivaMani 12. rizza0907 13. Dani846 14. cthennebry 15. R Lu 16. Lou 17. svb333031

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