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  1. I will definitely being attending the SD meetup. Looking forward to the Trade Ideas Summit the following day as well. Suggestions: (all close to Symphony Towers) - If you are looking for a pub/casual affair than Stout Public House is really good - Someplace with better food options: Curadero (upscale Mexican) or Biga (Italian)
  2. Hi KyleK29, We sure do have similar setups, minus the cute cat of course! I am generally pleased with the setup but would like to add more monitors. I believe someone said in the chat once that monitors are an addiction, I completely agree! I am mulling over adding a second large screen, so I can just have the two monitors versus five or six. Completely agree that turning your head is more natural and less of a strain. I would like to add a 15-min chart and a time & sales to every montage, plus add two complete montages, for a total of 8. I am pretty sure the best course of action is to try and recoup my initial investment before making any new purchases... but one can dream! Definitely looking into a standing desk before anything else, so I will check out Costco for sure. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Salaam Ali! Pleasure to meet you as well. Best of luck to you on your trading journey. I will definitely see you around in the chat. Take care brother!
  4. Hello Bear Bull's Community, I recently found this topic in the member's forum and wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Esam E. and I am from Cairo, Egypt by way of Orange County, California. I recently graduated from CSU Fullerton with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance, and I am currently a Master's Candidate in Accountancy, at the University of California, Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business. I currently work as an Accountant for a small firm (from home) and have aspirations of becoming a licensed CPA. I have been Swing Trading the last two-years (on Charles Schwab SSE), and like many others was wondering if I could parlay the success I had into an actual career as a DayTrader. After much due diligence and a couple epiphanies later, I stumbled upon Mr. Andrew Aziz's book(s). I was really blown away by the level of honesty in Andrew's book, something that I was hard-pressed to find in other "guru" books circulating out there. After checking out the BBT website I decided to join as a Pro member with the DAS Simulator package. Quick sidebar: I joined online on 7/24 and had not heard back from Andrew after four days or so, so I sent him an email asking when I could expect to get access to the simulator, in hopes of starting to practice on that Monday of the following week. Andrew quickly replied back and said that he would have me setup by the end of the business day. Awesome customer service right! That Sunday, 7/29, I receive my first BBT Newsletter, and low-and-behold, it turns out Andrew was on his excursion in Mexico, conquering mountains and such. So Andrew, while on vacation in Mexico, hiking nonetheless, took the time out of his trip to set-up my account!! I do not know about you, but I tend not to work on my holiday's. Just goes to show the type of business-owner and man that Andrew is. So I have currently been in the Sim. for the last few weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed not only the daily-lessons from Andrew but the engagement from the community on BBT as well. I have so much to learn, and am genuinely excited about the path laid out by many before me. I would be remissed if I did not say that my intention was to make a lot of money (originally at-least), but after reading Andrew's books and practicing on the SIM (albeit for not to long), and listening to all the wonderful advice in the chatroom and in the classes, I feel I have a chance. That is truly all I wanted! This will not make me rich (quickly), that I understand, but being able to have the chance to take care of my family and do better financially then I have ever thought possible, on my own-terms, that is opportunity I do not want to waste. Thank you to all for your continued support. Happy trading! - Esam E.
  5. Hello Everyone, Just found this link in the Forum and thought I would share my build. I apologize in advance for the low contrast pics., my camera did not do well with the low light. Specs: - Running an Intel i7-8700 liquid-cooled with a Deep Cool Captain 240EX and running on an ASUS Prime Z370-A Mobo with: 16GB G-Skill Trident RAM; EVGA Superclocked 1070Ti Black Edition; Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 512GB SSD; SP 256GB SSD; Corsair Carbon ATX Tower; Elgato Stream Deckeck; CyberPower 750W APU (not pictured); Rottay Mechanical Keyboard (MX-Brown switches); Logitech G-Pro mouse; and Windows 10 Home. - Main Monitor: 43.5" LG 4K ISP Monitor wall-mounted w/ Luminoodle Bias-LED lighting (I have 5 full Montages [1-min, 5-min & L2], Top List and MarketViewer on this one) - Right Monitor: 24" HP 24ea (One additional full Montage, three addt'l charts [SPY, QQQ & VIXY], plus all relevant account information) - Left Monitor: 27" BenQ 4k ISP Monitor (Trade Ideas & BBT Chatroom on this one) - Small Monitor: 5" LCD HDMI, meant for a Raspberry Pi that I mounted inside the case to monitor internal temps (running CAM software) Special thanks to Andrew for the DAS Layout file and Robert H. for the StremDeck Hot Keys List, plus all the other countless folks for their meaningful input and comments throughout the Forum. Thanks for checking-out my post. Happy Trading to All! Cheers!!
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