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  1. By the way, I did try Lee's suggestion from above. I either didn't do it right. Or I did, and it just didn't work for me.
  2. Hey guys, Thanks again for your patience. I'm still having my problem. When I click the DAS icon on my Windows desktop, then click OK to log on, the "default" DAS pops up. But I want Andrew's hotkey button set-up instead to pop up. I downloaded his hotkey file. But in order to get that screen, I have to log-on to DAS, click file at upper left, click open desktop, click desktop, click hotkey file, THEN it opens up. But that's too much work. I prefer to open it up by just hitting the log on button. I had no problem before in Sept when I set it up. But for some reason, it just won't do it. Todd
  3. Norm, One more question: Before I did the upgrade, when I would click my DAS icon on the desktop, the platform would pop right up on my screens. And I was ready to go. Now it won't. Am I supposed to move a file into DAS to get it to do that? Todd
  4. Norm, Thanks for the help. It was the hotkey buttons that were missing and Andrew's default layout. I got it now. Whew! Thanks guys. Todd
  5. Lee, Something is still wrong. I downloaded the files from the education center and not sure what to do next. I began using DAS in September and didn't have this problem before. In September I recall doing something with the files, moving around a file into another folder or something. I remember seeing instructions on how to do it, but I can't find it now. I did go to Tools>Restore Settings but my old layout is not there. This sucks. Todd
  6. Hi, I just updated my DAS to the newest version .34 But now I've lost my old DAS desktop windows setup with my montage hotkey buttons. I'm not sure why. Do you have the hotkey buttons file so I can re-configure my desktop? Thanks, Todd
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