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  1. Pre-market Show Watchlist and Levels I should probably start with why I've started this forum. I communicated this information to Carlos, and he thought it was a good idea, but I decided to take it upon myself to get started. I am one of those traders who do not actually get to trade often because I have a standard 8-5 job, with a 2 hour commute (to and from). Therefore, the only real time I get to spend on the market is when I am off during the trading week, or during the three breaks I get. Unfortunately, this does not help when most of the action is in the morning. While I am at work, I cannot have much on my screen that is not work related. The most I can have is a Google search of a stock, finviz.com, or the Yahoo Finance chart. I cannot download anything, so best I can do is literally trade on notepad (as I cannot have any writing utensil or electronic device that I can save important information). That said, I was excited to hear that DAS was working on the Replay feature, because then I could spend at least a couple of hours a day, trading the open to get experience. However, with the new feature comes new hurdles, such as what stocks were in play or what levels were significant for a given day, without finding the results of said day when trying to research it for myself. While the Replay feature has major benefits to be had, the lack of having a way to search for this information without influencing my simulated trading seems impossible. As a result, I wanted to create a forum for those like me and those who wish to help. The idea is to go into the simulation blind, with the same information that we would have going into a new trading day. That means this forum is not meant to have any information that the trading day has had. By posting only the pre-market watchlists and levels in a designated forum, we will build a limitless wealth of practice, not only for newer traders like me, but also veteran traders as well. It can also be a good place to begin reviewing specific patterns that are not so frequently discussed, giving us all an additional way to try new things, and become more versed in the market language. How do we do this? By posting only the pre-market show stock watchlist and support/resistance levels that the moderators issue that appear in the "Alert" portion of the chatroom**. Let's face it, we realize that the moderators are more experienced at this than we are, and we value their knowledge. Let us use that knowledge like the idea of increasing our accounts, a little each days will begin to pay dividends. I am not sure how this forum will go, but I believe there are others in similar (or worse) circumstances as me. I have high hopes that members of our community will step up and post the information requested. I trust that members will follow thru with this because they will see the value that this new feature has to offer. Below will be a preferred format of the information, so everyone can locate the days and lists they are looking for. Simply copy and paste, and then fill in the information. The format may change, and welcome input via message. Thank you for taking the time to read this, especially those who will be helping archive the data! Big thanks to the moderators for their support, and all that they do! ================================= Date: MM/DD/YY Moderator Name: Stock: Levels: Previous Day Close: **To start, I think it would be best if we stick with moderators watchlists. They are in those positions because they have proven valuable to the community. Maybe in the future, once there is more days that are saved in the Replay, maybe veteran members could post their watchlists. ¹Stocks I was watching with levels I thought were important. I will also post a second forum for a discussion on why I think this is good information to be had. Maybe with more discussion on the topic will improve the information I can gather. I want to keep this forum strictly for the pre-market stock choices and levels, so please respond only with desired information in this forum, and keep the discussion in the other. Thank you!
  2. TradeStation doesn't have a function or indicator that plots S & R lines across multiple charts like DAS does. TS does have an OHLC indicator based on the previous day's Open, High, Low, and Close, but it has to be set on each chart. There is nothing that plots S & R lines from a Daily chart. I have OHLC set up on a 1min chart along with a HotList, Matrix, and 5min chart. I have a Daily chart with some S & R lines plotted but have to manually refer to it on a different monitor. I do plot premarket Highs and Lows. How do others who use TradeStation address this problem? Thanks, William L
  3. Hi, I just updated my DAS to the newest version .34 But now I've lost my old DAS desktop windows setup with my montage hotkey buttons. I'm not sure why. Do you have the hotkey buttons file so I can re-configure my desktop? Thanks, Todd
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