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  1. @hailchaser2: Great man! Are you getting the commission per share fee structure or you will be using the default commission per ticket fee structure?
  2. @hailchaser2: thnx mate, you just saved me big time. I still have 2 weeks before my 30 days is over. I'm gonna fund my account with 1000$ temporarily just to prevent it from getting closed.
  3. Can anyone clear my doubts? My account with CMEG has been approved. But I only intend to fund my account in 2 months time before going live(currently in SIM now). Do you think due to this delay, they may freeze my account or refuse my funding. Is anyone in similar situation as me?
  4. Hi Carlos, Hope you are well. I have a question. I have tried using @KyleK29 Hotkey on the Quote Mode Replay but I am not able to send my stop-loss automatically to the market. When I do it on Quote Mode Normal during trading hours on SIM, it works alright. Do you have any idea what might be wrong? Thanks in advace. Fayaaz Roojee
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