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  1. If I add "Trade" on the right to my "Hot Buttons Window" it works, but it works nicely (and it's still better than before!) Yes, right. This is the reason I will leave the "Trade" on the right to my "Hot Buttons Window". I still don't understand why it worked before (with no "Trade" to my "How Buttons Window" but anyway, it works like that so... it is ok ! Thank you very much for your help, you saved me one more time..
  2. Hmm, If I move "Trade" from left to right, it's not exactelly what I need because a new "trade window" will appear in my "Hot Button Window" I made many tests and now I can use my Hot Button in LIVE that's great .... BUT .... now I can't do demo even if I select my demo account TRIBT.... I think that I have to change something in Setup / Order Templates. For now, the configuration of my Order Templates is like the picture. Any idea ? Thank you
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my HOT BUTTONS in DAS, I have sent an email to DAS but their reply didn't work so maybe one of you will have the answer. Until now, I used hot buttons to trade with DAS. On the attached picture, you can see my Montage on the left (the hot buttons from the montage works perfectly) and my Hot Buttons windows on the right (this hot buttons work ONLY in demo). I want to trade with the right windows to trade on the live account. Here are informations : - On the Montage, you can see my LIVE account is well selected. - On Setup / Order templates, I left the account empty (also tried to put the live account but with no success) - I well link Montage with Hot Buttons window. - Until today, all was working perfectly. - Buttons have all the same model : " ROUTE=SMRTL; Share=25; Price=Ask+0.10;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send; " Here is the answer from DAS but with no succes : Thank you for your help ! Guillaume
  4. Oh yeah ! Thank yo so much. It works great ! I confirm you have VERY generous, you are answering to all my posts.
  5. Hi everyone, I used to trade on Lightspeed and I imported my trades to tradervue and it works perfectly. From yesterday I am using Interactive Brokers and I have some troubles to import my trades to tradervue. I need to import .tlg file to tradervue but I can't get this format from IB. I can download HTML, PDF or CSV. I sent a message to tradervue support but they don't know why I can't get .tlg file. I also tried to contact IB but they told me they don't offer .tlg format. How are you doing to import your trades from IB to Tradervue ? I know I can import my trades from DAS but I need to do it everyday...it's not possible to import a whole month in one time. Thank you for your answers !
  6. I mean, I made a new tab on DAS (please check the picture). I have default tab, and another 5MIN tab. My goal is too dupplicate one montage from Default to 5MIN tab. I did exactly this but as soon as I click COMMIT the montage disappear (but... really disaprear, not hidden). I did it, and it works very well if I want to dupplicate to DEFAULT tab. But as soon as I want to dupplicate to 5MIN, it disappear again.... ===> I made a try with a NEW layout and I can dupplicate without any problem but as soon as I want to do it with my actual layout it doesn't work. If think I will configure a new layout, maybe it is just a "bug". Anyway, thank you very much for your help, the dupplicate tips will save me a lot of time in my new DAS life !
  7. Hi everyone, I created a montage and saved it. I go in a new tab, I right click the header and click on LOAD DEFAULT but ... the "new" montage disapear and nothing happens. Did I do something wrong ? Thank your for your help
  8. I live in France, so I will use the same strategy as Robert described. With PDT rule we have to deposit minimum 25.000$ but if I have (for example) 20.000 EUROS + 5.000 USD in my IB account, is it good for the PDT rule ? 20.000 EUROS + 5.000 USD is more than 25.000USD but I don't know if we can mix EUR and USD for the PDT rule. Does someone know this ?
  9. Thank you Justin, that's work perfectly
  10. Anyone knows the script of the PANIC button ? I know I can close all positions with (Shift+Escape) but I would like to create a PANIC BUTTON, not hotkey. Is that possible ?
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