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  1. Hello, I tried to do exactly the same thing but it didn't work. When I load settings on new chart, nothing happen. Does anyone has the same issue ? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Peter and Robert for your answers. So, I changed the set base currency to USD in account management in IB and now, my buying power in Das is correct. I didn't think it would be so easy :-) Robert, I can't see the step 3 video (I have a picture but can't read the video). I don't understand what are the initial losses you speak about. Could you tell me more about this ? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi, My IB account is in EUR because I live in France and I though it would be less risky than having a USD account (because of the EUR/USD fluctuations). Unfortunately, DAS TRADER doesn't manage foreign currency and I think I am oblige to have a USD account. I know I am not the only non US citizen trading on the US market (Andrew for example who is canadian). Could you tell me how you deal with this ? Thanks.
  4. I found the solution ! I don't why, I need to go to "Windows", "Tile" and the order window appeared. The window should be hidden even if I checked all my windows one by one before. thanks anyway Lee ! Bye
  5. Hi everyone, I have a problem since yesterday. I closed my order window by mistake yesterday and I can't open a new one. I try everything but I don't know why, it is the only window wich doesn't want to open... Anyone have an idea ? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Lee (again :-) ) ! I put 2 buttons in the montage (buy and short) because I already have a lot of hotkeys. It's exactly what I was looking for. Bye !
  7. Hi everyone ! Maybe it's a stupid question but I didn't find the answer so I use the forum :-) Like a lot of us, I use hotkeys in order to determine the size of my position (100,200,400,800,2000). The point is with stocks above 50$ where I need to enter my order manually. For example, I would like to buy 50 stocks at limit ask + 0.05 (like my hotkey in fact) but manually in the montage. How do you do that ? Best regards.
  8. Thanks Lee ! I'm going to test that today if I trade Nyse stock. Bye !
  9. Hi ! I have some issues with Nyse stocks montage. I don't know why, my hotkeys work with Nasdaq stocks, but not with Nyse stocks. I noticed my Nasdag montage and my Nyse montage don't look the same. I think the problem comes from here but I don't know how to solve it. Does anyone has had the same problem and how did you fix it ? Thanks !
  10. Hi everyone ! I'm Christophe from France. I'm 32 years old and I live in Lyon. I began trading 5 years ago, reading books about the subject and I put money for real about 3 years ago. I made good money last year with swing trading and I quit my job with a prime so I can live about 1 year without the need to make money from trading during this period. Basically, I'm a swing trader but I have began to be interested in day trading after reading Andrew's book and seeing that, contrary to popular opinion, you don't need to spend all the day in front of your monitors with day trading. I trade on US market because French market is too small and not enough volatil for day trading. I don't want and I can't spend to much time on day trading on US market because when the market opens in NY, it's already 3:30 pm in France. My goal is to live from trading. I would like to spend my time on swing trading the morning, and to do day trading the afternoon. Cheers, Christophe
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