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  1. Today is the first day I am holding myself accountable publicly for bad behaviors I am trying to resist throughout the day. 1. FOMO 2. Not calculating R:R which leads to gambling and relying on instincts and hope instead of technical levels 3. REVENGE 4. Patience and waiting for clear confirmation for a setup after a bad trade. 5. Checking in with myself psychologically after a bad trade. Do I need to walk away and relax a bit so I can see the charts with fresh eyes 6. ALWAYS make sure there are multiple indicators for a trade on multiple time frames. 7. Remember I am not Jackie Chan. I tell myself this because he is a master at martial arts. I've been taking kickboxing for 4 months. My technique and strength is much better but I am not a master. Sometimes it feels like I am further along because I am better than I was, however, I am not Jackie Chan. I am still learning and will not be a master for some time. Below is an example of not looking at multiple time frames. The 5 minute is clearly a double top which signifies a reversal. I went long based on the 1 min. I am also learning that trading a low price, mid-cap stock is different than trading a mid-price mid-cap stock. Low price stocks typically don't move very much. It seems HFT and Algorithms manipulate the price action. This week was another learning curve. I was able to repress my desire to revenge trade today and learned that FOMO can be an account killer. I am now not only visualizing the profit I could make but also the loss. This makes me pause and consider the stock on wall time frames.
  2. I would love to see Trade Reviews everyday instead of just 2 days a week. They are soooo helpful.
  3. Thanks for the playbook very helpful
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