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Found 3 results

  1. If anyone is interested in getting into futures AMP Gobal is the broker i would personally recommend. https://www.ampfutures.com/ Crude oil (CL) margins as low as $1000.Mini Day margins as low as $300 to trade the indexes( ES,NQ,YM) and RTY for as low as $250. You can open a account with as little as $100 if you would like to test the waters and trade the micro's as well. Trying to trade futures from a traditional broker like IB, TD, etrade etc your going to have to front the bill for the full margin contract so the cost doesnt add up for a trader with a small account. With AMP you could take the same margin requirement of 1 contract with those traditional brokers (6k or so) and comfortably trade a decent size position. Even just trading with 2 mini contracts ($600 in equity) pans out to about $100 per point trading the ES. Of course you want to do the same as you would with stocks and sim trade until your comfortable with futures but you can see how this low start up cost can pay out pretty nicely once you know what your doing compared to the leverage you would need to use with traditional brokers. Lastly the real icing on the cake for me at least is that i can trade my account with them directly thru my default charting software account at trading view(https://www.tradingview.com/brokers/). Just log in to the AMP live connection and buy/sell until im done for the day. love it!
  2. Hi All, When I decided to go live, I went with CMEG due to its low commission and no PDT rule as many of you may have. We went back and forth, set up my account and as soon as I wired my initial funds I had absolutely no reply. Its been over two months now and nothing is happening. I am so frustrated because with this. Check out this email chain. And despite more than 10 attempts I have no reply. I am now trying to close my account....and still no reply. What the HECK.
  3. Hello BBT Family, I've been trading now for a little under a year and must admit I've only been with Bear Bull Traders from the beginning. After reading Andrew's book I tried the room out, liked it, and never looked back. Now that I'm approaching a year. I thought it would be a fun topic to see what everyone else was looking for in a chat room when they came to Bear Bull Traders. Your experience can be from any chatroom, actually I'd really enjoy hearing about other rooms as well, however please no negative stuff. Just looking specifically for things that drew you in to a particular room. For example: One of the things that drew me to BBT was the structure of that Chat. I like that they have a premarket show, then Andrew trades the open for all the opening range traders, then other moderators with varied trading strengths come on throughout the day to help during specific time frames. So I knew I'd have activity and guidance all day. Hope you all enjoy the topic. And stay Green. Thor Young - Lifetime Member @ BBT
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