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  1. To all traders could you please answer this 3 question survey for me? I am collecting data for a project. Thanks in advance!! * your personal data is NOT collected https://forms.gle/pnZg9pjcaji7C1Hv6
  2. I want to structurize and automate my days as much as possible. What does your daily routine look like, and what tools do you use to structure and streamline your daily activities? What websites and tickers do you peek at during pre-market and as the day progress to get a feel for the market each day?
  3. What are your best strategies for day trading Tesla or swing trading Tesla for 2021-2025?
  4. Las 10 Reglas del Day Trading de Andrew. Fuente: Cómo Vivir del Day Trading: Una Guía para Principiantes que cubre las Herramientas y Tácticas, la Gestión del Dinero, la Disciplina y la Psicología del Trading, disponible en amazon.com Regla 1: El day trading no es una estrategia para hacerse rico rápidamente. Regla 2: El day trading no es fácil. Es un negocio serio y debes tratarlo con la misma seriedad. Regla 3: Los day traders no mantienen posiciones abiertas para otro día. Si fuese necesario, debes vender y aceptar la pérdida y asegurarte de no conservar nada después del cierre del mercado. Regla 4: Siempre pregunta, “¿Esta acción se está moviendo porque el mercado en general se está moviendo o porque tiene un catalizador fundamental único?” Regla 5: El éxito en el day trading es resultado de la gestión de riesgos, encontrar entradas de bajo riesgo que ofrecen un alto potencial de recompensa. La relación mínima de ganancia – pérdida para mi es de dos a uno (2:1). Regla 6: Tu bróker comprará y venderá acciones en tu nombre en la Bolsa de Valores. Tu trabajo como day trader es gestionar el riesgo. No puedes ser un day trader exitoso si no cuentas con excelentes habilidades de gestión de riesgo, incluso si dominas muchas estrategias efectivas. Regla 7: Los traders independientes operan solamente las Acciones en Juego, las cuáles son emisoras con un alto volumen relativo que tienen catalizadores fundamentales y que están siendo operadas sin tomar en cuenta al mercado general. Regla 8: Los traders experimentados son como los guerrilleros. Entran en acción en el momento oportuno, toman su ganancia y se retiran. Regla 9: Las velas huecas, donde el cierre es mayor a la apertura, indican una presión de compra. Las velas rellenas, donde el cierre es menor a la apertura, indican una presión de venta. Regla 10: El trading rentable no involucra emociones. Si eres un trader emotivo, perderás tu dinero.
  5. Hi, BBT folks! Today I've been talking to couple of my overseas friend which located in Asia, one told me her trading software was delayed for 3-6 Sec, even with a VPN on.... I find that topic in general pretty interesting since we pretty much all wants a lifestyle to trade anywhere on the earth... So anyone has experience use DAS outside of the U.S and Canada?
  6. Good morning BBT, Something that I am interested in discussing is what people's opinions are about trading either the long side or the short side of the markets. I'm interested in the difference in strategies for both day trading (short-term), and swing trading (long-term). I find that I am biased to play the long side for short-term trades, and then the short side for more longer-term moves. My father was a stock broker and trader during the 80's and 90's, and he was always a short side kind of guy, constantly paying monthly premiums to hold position, but seriously cashing in when the price broke and fell hard, with profit well exceeding his total expenses paid on the position. He was very much influenced by the theory that fear is a more potent emotion than greed, and that while not every fearful person gets greedy, every greedy person does experience fear. I'd also like to see a discussing about the psychology behind this. What is the psychology of trading the long side during short-term moves, or during long term moves? Vice versa, what is the thought process of someone that takes the short-side during the short-term, or long-term. What does everyone else think? - Andrew from Jersey aka Tracksuit Trader
  7. Good afternoon BBT, What would you say are recommended or required data streams for day trading? Obviously the NASDAQ Level 2, and the NYSE Order Book. But what else? Thanks to all who contribute. -Andrew from Jersey aka Tracksuit Trader
  8. Hi BBT, My name is Justin and I'm a self-employed Management Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia and am just getting started on my day trading journey. Keen to connect with any fellow Aussies (and the wider community) on BBT to learn more about their experiences day trading from Oz. Have been a part of the community for a day and am excited about the opportunities ahead! Cheers, Justin
  9. I know that Andrew tries to enter his ORB based on the body of the 5 min candle and not the extremes of the candle wick. This seems logical to me based on the fact that this is where the candle has closed. That being said, I know of another successful trader who enters his ORB's based on the end of the candle wick, sometimes resulting in somewhat overextended entries but possibly more confirmed ones? I know there are a million different ways to make money in the market if anyone has any constructive input on this I am sure it might help the community a lot.
  10. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well! Spring is here (I think) and I wanted to check in if anyone is interested in a meet-up this Spring or Summer to talk day trading and anything else over food and drinks. Let me know so that we can plan. Also, we still hang out on Slack everyday at https://bearbulltraderstalk.slack.com (and on BBT chatroom of course) so stop by to talk or share your trades.
  11. Hi All, I created this topic so that Trader's can share their real time experience/journey in the world of Live Trading or with Bear Bull Traders. I find myself fortunate to be able to share my story as well as my 2 cents on the learning I have had from the mistakes till date. To start with, a brief about myself : My name is Paras Jandwani, 29 yr old, basically from India but have been settled in Washington DC, USA for the past 5 years. I have been working with a Tech company named Accenture (Yep, not a full time Trader yet) as a Solutions Business Consultant for the past 9 years. From a very young age itself I was interested in Stock Market, following tickers and watching business programs etc. However, for some reason may be social pressure could never make a career in finance (no regrets though). Anyways long story short I opened multiple trading/Investing accounts back in India and invested money based on the FURU alerts or speculation. I eventually blew up my account 2 times leading me to take a break from Trading. Trading Journey with Bear Bull Traders (then "Vancouver Traders") It is always said that you can suppress your passion but can never wipe it out from your life. Since I had already moved to USA, the passion of making a living out of the stock market led me to look for options available to me to learn and explore the US Market. It was around August 2017 when I found your book on amazon with the title "How to day trade for living" which I thought exactly met my need. I immediately bought it and was impressed with the simple concise way the book was written and detailed about everything that needs to be performed step-by-step to become a Stock Trader. Currently, with the huge amount of options, with data available on google, the beginner's struggle a lot with what needs to be performed and are really confused if anything offered to them is genuine or not. The book written by you clarifies all of these confusion and give a very clear head start for beginner's trading career. After I read the book, I immediately joined the Bear Bull Traders (then Vancouver Traders) community in September 2017 and followed almost every small suggestions/guidance provided by you in the chatroom. I traded in SIM for 4 months and went live in Feb 2018. It's been almost 9 months live (every trading day from 8:30 am to 12 pm EST) and looking at the past where I was down with more than $ 6k in losses around the mid of June 2018 and gradually coming back to break even in Aug 2018 and currently sitting at a net profit of $ 3.5k.The figures might not seem big as I have always been a very risk averse Trader and when I started I used to trade with a volume of 20-50 shares for high priced stocks such as TSLA and 100-200 shares for mid-float stocks (I never traded low-float stocks, till date). Currently, I easily trade 500 - 750 shares/trade for mid-float and 200-300 shares/trade for high priced stock. I think every trader has to pass through a learning curve and should respect the process. I have made my own mistakes and learnt from it. I am still learning every day and happy to be able to lead my passion. Hope to be successful one day and trade full-time. Below are some of the items that I learnt during the process : 1. You just need to master 1-2 strategies to be able make consistent money. (I tried multiple different strategies (not just from the book) to create an edge and ended up with being more confused) 2. Volume sizing should be a privilege and should be increased gradually in 10-20% every time when you are confident enough.(At the time, when I started making consistent profits with small volume of 100-200 shares I immediately started trading with 500-600 shares at a time which led to a lot emotions taking over leading to consistent losses) 3. Say NO to Averaging Down ( This type of trading saves you almost 90% of the time but would wipe out months of profit in a single day when it doesn't work. Been there and learnt it the hard way) 4. Higher number of tickets DO NOT guarantee higher profits. (I have a rule to Stop trading once I achieve my profit target or my max loss or 30 tickets/day. Number of tickets/day have saved me rule has been a very important for me to take selective trades. I remember my reckless/revenge trading having 223 tickets on one of the trading days which cost me hundred's of dollars in losses.) 5. Rules are meant NOT to be broken. (Almost every single time I broke my rules I paid the price for it) 6. Being patient with the winners and impatient with the losers. ( Almost every single trader faces that. I was very impatient with the winners and patient with losers which made my losses bigger then my profits) 7. Setting the stop loss right to either an indicator/support/resistance level (Had a very bad habit of setting the stop loss at the level based on the loss I was willing to take) 8. Importance of Journaling. (I use a software named Edgewonk for Journaling. My past chunk of trades gave me the indication that my win rate between 9:30 and 10 am is 76%, between 10 and 10:30 is mere 24% and 10:30 to 11: 30 is 64%.This was an eye opener for me. I almost immediately stopped trading between the time where my win rate was the lowest. This really helped me in maximizing my profits) All the above mentioned experience wouldn't have been possible without a person who is a guide and a mentor, none other than Andrew!. I hope to continue learning from him and find myself fortunate to be a part of an amazing trading community.
  12. until
    ANNOUNCEMENT! CHICAGO AREA MEETUP ROUND 2! Featuring Dr. Andrew Aziz as our special guest! Saturday, August 18th, 2018 from 12:00 pm-2:00 pm at Logan Bar & Grill (2230 N California Ave), Chicago, Illinois. Learn from the best and fellowship over food and drinks. You don't want to miss this special event! Seating is filling up fast. Reply with your RSVP in the comment section: See you all at Logan Bar & Grill! Andrew is excited to meet us all in person!
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