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  1. I'm still new to DAY trading, but after swing trading Tesla for the past 2 years I see a pretty consistent pattern that may be helpful to others. This may be true of all stocks, I don't know. I've noticed 3 key times of day to trade: 9:55 the stock typically dips for a good buy after opening pop by 10:55 you may be able to get out for a decent $10 swing OR it may dip at 10:55 and you can get in if you missed the 9:55 Then go do whatever you want for next few hours 3:55 there is usually a run up and you can sell then and if it drops, I typically hold it overnight (The Cardinal Sin of a "day trader") and by the next day there is usually a run up at open I can cash out for my targets. What patterns/ Strategies have you noticed?
  2. What are your best strategies for day trading Tesla or swing trading Tesla for 2021-2025?
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