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  1. I want to structurize and automate my days as much as possible. What does your daily routine look like, and what tools do you use to structure and streamline your daily activities? What websites and tickers do you peek at during pre-market and as the day progress to get a feel for the market each day?
  2. @kishp_ I would love to backtest your strategy. I have sent you a message.
  3. Hey! I am looking for someone that wants to collaborate with me in backtesting promising day trading strategies. So far I have developed a script that fetches historical data for tickers that fulfill certain criteria (eg. gapper criteria), performs simulated trading according to a strategy, and displays a graphical representation of the trades alongside the return from the trades. Below is an example of a graphical representation that the script returns for each trade (very customizable - in this case it backtests a simple version of the opening range breakout strategy). For a given strategy I can also run some statistics to see what stocks it works best on, and best levels for entry/exit. If you have a promising strategy that you want backtested, and believe you can help me in improving my backtesting script (theoretically, no coding knowledge required), then I would like to get in touch! Let me know if you are interested in collaborating! - Haakon
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