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  1. @kishp_ I would love to backtest your strategy. I have sent you a message.
  2. Hey! I am looking for someone that wants to collaborate with me in backtesting promising day trading strategies. So far I have developed a script that fetches historical data for tickers that fulfill certain criteria (eg. gapper criteria), performs simulated trading according to a strategy, and displays a graphical representation of the trades alongside the return from the trades. Below is an example of a graphical representation that the script returns for each trade (very customizable - in this case it backtests a simple version of the opening range breakout strategy). For a given strategy I can also run some statistics to see what stocks it works best on, and best levels for entry/exit. If you have a promising strategy that you want backtested, and believe you can help me in improving my backtesting script (theoretically, no coding knowledge required), then I would like to get in touch! Let me know if you are interested in collaborating! - Haakon
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